August 20, 2019
By John Hunter

It's that time of year again: meetings season. Whether it's an internal company meeting or a conference like Cvent CONNECT, mobile apps are an integral part of any successful event. Our CONNECT app is now available for download, and we can't wait for our attendees to start using it.

When it comes to closed company meetings, we have always include an app for those as well. The truth is, these company events can feel quite different to employees on a case-by-case basis. Regardless, their importance cannot be overstated when well-executed. If you consider it carefully, more mission-critical information may be disseminated in the span of a day or a few days than may come from weeks and various channels in the aftermath. That's why those on the C-level place such high importance on them (along with the time and financial commitment tied to travel, time out of the office etc.).

When you're responsible for planning and execution of an offsite or other gathering, its challenging to iterate year after year, and to satisfy all stakeholders. Inclusion of an app can really drive game changing results in a few ways:

Having an app makes a statement

What exactly? That your company is forward-thinking. Moreover, that an effort is being made to marry company message, initiative and culture with the digital shift. This is often important for the modern consumer to see in a brand, and we can think of no more important customer than own employees. It's one thing to see your company's logo and new mantra or motif on signage inside a hotel ballroom, but to see and interact with it on the screen of their device, provides powerful reinforcement and generates excitement. 

Meeting engagement no longer lives in a vacuum

Or can it be arbitrarily measured in audience applause or other auditory or visual cues. A mobile app can turn an otherwise casual meeting bystander - often the silent majority - into a highly active and engaged participant. More and more, we're witnessing presenters leverage audience participation via live polling - whether to break the ice initially, or reinvigorate a crowd 10 or 15 mins into a session. 

Employees are more honest when their able to ask questions and give feedback in the moment, and anonymously

Many employees may be reluctant to submit questions for dedicated "Q&A" in advance if they can expect to see the question tied to their name on a slide. As for "option b," speaking into a microphone...this plays on one of humankind's greatest fears of speaking in public. On the contrary, mobile apps can provide a valuable channel for employees to direct questions to moderators and speakers, and collect survey feedback right in the moment when it’s most actionable.

Humans are social, and social media is ubiquitous

While many business leaders embrace the power of social channels, many fear the distraction it comes with for employees. Through activity feeds, mobile apps provide an excellent medium to harness the power of social and create a sense of belonging, culture and connectedness. One Learning and Development HR Manager states “the feed is not just a clever social tool, but a powerful engagement platform.” 

The impact of mobile on an internal event can be measured

Rich data and analytics aggregated around app usage drive insights around when, how and how frequently employees are viewing mission critical content like roll out presentations, as well as participant and Executive bios. If you’re looking for the voice of the employee, consider the “unspoken.”

For more on this topic, check out our Definitive Guide to Selecting a Mobile Event App; Simple Questions for Success.


John Hunter

John is the Senior Manager of Event Cloud Content Marketing at Cvent. He has 11 years of experience writing about the meetings and events industry. John also has extensive copywriting experience across diverse industries, including broadcast television, retail advertising, associations, higher education, and corporate PR.
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