August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
Your event has begun and your attendees can't seem to share enough about it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and even Vine. They are posting pictures, conference tweeting, conversing and even arranging their own meet-ups with the help of your event hashtag. Brand advocates are also there, taking the lead in the social media sharing and expanding your reach exponentially in the process. Everyone attributes the new event social media engagement to the increased popularity of these new platforms. But you know different. You know that the time you spent in preparation enabled this to happen. Now that your event has begun, you can sit back and watch as your work bears fruit.

Name Badges Include Twitter Handles

Because you asked for them on your event registration forms, your attendee name badges prominently display their Twitter handles - encouraging attendees to connect with each other on Twitter. You've also created a list of attendee Twitter handles that you distributed with your conference materials so that finding and connecting with friends online is a no-brainer.

Your Event Hashtag is Everywhere

Your event hashtag is posted on every piece of marketing material you've produced. It's on all banners and posters. It's all over your event app. It's included on all your handouts and all the handouts that your speakers distribute. Before your event started, you had already begun using your hashtag when sharing event marketing content on social media. You also included it on every email and/or every piece of snail mail you distributed to attendees prior to your event.

Social Media Educators Assist Attendees

In the hallways between sessions, social media concierges engage with your attendees, enticing them to Tweet or post a picture on Instagram with the promise of a free T-Shirt. In the process, they help attendees who have questions about social media. Concierges also offer one-on-one tutoring to help attendees set up their social media profiles.  Attendees also learn about the value of social media to their careers and businesses by attending workshops tailored to your event niche. These workshops include activities designed to help them build skills using social media platforms.

Crowds Gather at Hashtag Monitors Scattered Throughout Your Event Venue

Attendees gather to see their own posts as well as the posts of their friends on monitors throughout your event. Your hashtag stream includes many different social media platforms featuring pictures, text and video. As the hashtag stream grows, the excitement about your event escalates both on and offline.

Social Media Engagement is Consistently Encouraged

Instead of broadcasting advertising messages, tradeshow vendors use social media to reach out to your attendees through games, contests and questions that start online discussions. Your speakers encourage attendees to tweet questions or share quotes taken from presentations. They also include visual experiences within their presentations to encourage photo sharing online.

Experiences Encourage Sharing

Social media check-in stands prompt attendees to post on Facebook. Contests encourage video creations on Vine and photo sharing on Instagram. Your reception includes attention-grabbing spectacles and friendly social media photographers who offer to take and post photographs of attendees having fun.

Your Social Media Team is Monitoring the Internet

Every post that uses your event hashtag or mentions your event name, your speakers or any of your organization's executives is seen by your social media team as it monitors social media during your event. Any complaints or questions are quickly addressed as each is an opportunity to display professionalism and dedication to exemplary customer service. Your event social media preparations continue to bear fruit long after your conference is over and the last Instagram picture is shared. The analytics you gather add further detail solidifying your reputation as an event marketer who can successfully use social media to improve the attendee experience while making the most of digital media for marketing.

Cvent Guest

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