August 27, 2019
By Cvent Guest

The hottest and what I believe is most fashionable wearable hit the market last week after months of speculation and anticipation. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, the Apple Watch is poised to have a big impact on the lives of its users.

I am one of the estimated 20 million people who will have an Apple Watch in the first year that follows its launch. With that type of market penetration it is not surprising to think the Apple Watch will have a sizable impact on businesses including the meetings and events industry. Here are seven ways I expect the Apple Watch to change our industry.

Mobile event app

This one is huge. Attendees are going to be able to spend more time networking and less time accessing their phone. Last minute changes to a room or location-based alerts via beacons are now available directly on an Apple Watch. Pretty impressive!

Shortly, the awkward process of exhibitors scanning barcode hanging from an attendee’s neck will migrate to the Apple Watch to make trade show life easier and more comfortable.

The Apple Watch will also make it simpler for attendees to stay in touch with each other in the future when communications go straight to their wrists. In addition to supporting Apple Watch, CrowdCompass also supports Android Wear and Pebble smart watches.


Traveling will become easier as attendees use apps from airlines and TripIt to check into their flights and display their boarding pass on their wearables.

Paperless Tickets

Keeping track of purchased tickets is easier and buying new tickets is faster with the Apple Watch. Here are a few examples:

  • Attendees can save their registration or ticket barcode to Passbook and easily open it up at the check in line.
  • Make it easy for attendees to buy last minute tickets to the option reception. They can use Apple Pay on their Apple Watch to buy a ticket.


Some hotels already offer the ability to check into their properties using an app. Starwood’s updated SPG app will now allow attendees to go keyless—rooms can be accessed by holding your Apple Watch up to the door lock. No more trips back to reception when your keycard stops working or gets lost at the pool!

Social Media

Staying on top of social media is a breeze with a quick glance at your watch.

  • Follow your favorite accounts on Instagram and be alerted when new images are posted.
  • The watch makes it easy for attendees to stay on top of the conference hashtag with easy-to-view Twitter streams.
  • Receive a notification ever time another attendee sends you a LinkedIn connection request.


Travel can often be the worst part of a conference. Here are a few ways to leverage your new watch to ease your transportation woes.

  • Stuck in a long line for a taxi at the airport or hotel? Just tap the Uber app on your watch to order a car to your location. Keep your phone in your pocket!
  • Driving a rental car in an unfamiliar city or to hidden resort? Turn-by-turn-directions are now accessible right on your wrist!

Coffee Break

When attendees need a break or a quick pick-me-up they can run to the nearest Starbucks. And guess how they’ll pay... with the Apple Watch. How else do you think the Apple Watch will impact our industry?

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