August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
For many of us, the anticipation of spring is almost too much to bear. But when the weather gets finally warm, it's time to think out of the garden box and tie some spring flair into your corporate events. Here are some themes guaranteed to put your attendees in the mood for spring: spring events

Cherry Blossom

Sakura Matsuri, the Cherry Blossom Festival, is celebrated every year in Japan. The National Cherry Blossom Festival is also hosted in Washington, D.C. Botanical gardens often have a section with cherry trees and lilac trees that would make the perfect backdrop for this theme. Groups can celebrate with their own Sakura festivals.

April Showers

Put a spin on a bridal shower theme and create an April Shower event with rain-inspired decor and activities. Play music or show video footage from Singing in the Rain.

Spring Break

It's a time when students head to the beach. Bring lounging chairs and beach umbrellas into a function room, or throw an event at a waterpark or indoor beach and groups are all set.

April in Paris

It was a movie and a song we all remember. This theme can be the starting point for an event with a Parisian flair reflected in decor and menus.

Easter Parade

Immortalized through the movie starring Fred Astaire and Judy Garland, it's a rare opportunity for employees to get dressed up. Get creative. Easter events are perfect for best hat contests, flower arranging competitions, and even afternoon tea.

Victoria Day

Originally introduced to celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria, this annual spring celebration in Canada is on the 3rd Monday in May. It's become a celebration of the return of warm weather.

Car Rally or Urban Safari

Spring is the time for vintage and luxury car owners to take the automobiles they've stored for the winter for a spin. So throw the event at a car-themed venue and play upbeat 60’s music about cars. Alternatively, groups will welcome the opportunity to get out of the office and hop in cars for a scavenger hunt or urban safari. Have them follow clues that lead the group to a mystery reception or lunch location. If groups have the budget, go for a luxury car event.


Whether groups select from Mardi Gras, a Caribbean Carnival, or an Italian masquerade ball, a carnival theme will add drama and excitement to any event. Groups can also bring a nostalgic spring carnival theme to life with booths of games and midways. These are just a few ideas for spring event themes. Get more ideas from movie titles, soundtracks, books, and spring celebrations in other countries. (Remember to get legal clearance to use movie footage, music, and themes!)

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Written by Anne Thornley-Brown.

Cvent Guest

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