August 20, 2019
By Featured Venues & Destinations
Virtual reality videos are transforming the travel and events industries. From site selectors exploring a potential venue, to meeting planners promoting their events to attendees; 360-degree video has become a useful and practical tool in the industry. But virtual reality doesn’t only mean watching a 360-degree video. Virtual reality is about the experience. By immersing its audience physically and emotionally, virtual reality experiences redefine storytelling. “Storyline” virtual reality experiences keep your audience engaged and asking questions. Other “scene” experiences tend to be more basic and only keep people’s attention for 15-20 seconds. With a storyline experience, the narration and direction will keep the audience’s attention throughout the film. As you consider virtual reality and how it can be most impactful for your event, company or destination, here are some suggestions to really nail the “storyline” approach. Movement is key Rather than simply using a 360-degree image, a 360-degree video experience allows the viewer to be continuously engaged and showcases more of the destination. Guidance, direction and forward movement will keep the audience wondering what’s next. Explain in detail With high-quality VR experiences, seeing isn’t enough in and of itself. Meaningful audio makes a difference. Explain what audience will see, hear, taste, feel and experience when in your destination. The words, tone and overall message should connect with the imagery, giving your audience the full experience. Connect with the audience Stories aren’t just the facts and figures. A virtual reality experience should be about more than selling the venue, destination or event. The intent of the experience should be to elicit some sort of emotional response. Combining people in action, high-quality imagery, unique scenes, compelling music and a powerful message will contribute to an emotional response and a lasting impression. Putting it all together The Cincinnati USA CVB pulls all of these elements together to provide its audience with a motion-focused, guided tour through the city. This 360-degree tour provides an experience where the destination in and of itself is the attraction. An experience where viewers notice something new and different every time, and want more. View their visual storytelling experience here. Inspiration for this unique, immersive experience came from The Rosa Parks Experience, a VR experience presented by Cincinnati’s National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. This captivating experience puts viewers in Rosa Parks’ shoes, teaching a new generation about the Civil Rights Movement from the first person perspective. Emotion is everything – like the chill-inducing feeling when the bus driver turns, looks directly at you, and says, “What are you doing? Get to the back of the bus.” If you can capture the audience’s emotion through your storyline, you will succeed with an immersive, impactful VR experience. How are you telling your story through virtual reality?

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