August 20, 2019
By Featured Venues & Destinations

What’s On the Inside Counts – How Meeting Space Design Impacts Creativity

It’s no secret great design can elicit powerful feelings. Think about your last soothing spa visit or tantalizing dinner out. Interior spaces affect the way meeting attendees think and feel. An insightful Fast Company article explored the offices of Facebook, IDEO and Virgin America, companies known for creativity and innovation, and discovered that an inspiring workplace fosters learning and sparks imagination. At IDEO’s offices, employees’ personal creative projects are displayed for all to see. Facebook has an artist-in-residency program. Virgin America employees select the music that greets passengers at their gate. A recent Exeter University study supports the case for creative environments at work, finding that people who work in spaces decorated with art or plants are 17% more productive than those whose surroundings lack creative objects. Hotels and resorts like Dolce aim to make a meeting or event just as inspiring and productive. The Alexander, in downtown Indianapolis, is a vibrant, art-centric hotel featuring imaginative event spaces. The hotel’s impressive art collection dots the lounge, meeting breakout spaces, guestrooms…even the parking garage. The immersive environment invites exploration and encourages attendees to look at things through a new lens as they discover works of art at every turn. It’s a truly inspired, and inspiring, environment.

Let the Light Shine In

Modern design and state-of-the-art technology are signature elements of Dolce Hotels and Resorts, but equally as important are windows and exterior exposure. Architectural design at Dolce hotels aims to bring the outdoors in. Conference spaces flooded with natural light provide a host of benefits, as does what’s on the other side of windows with inspiring and far-reaching views of magnificent mountains, lush gardens, sparkling oceans, picturesque vineyards, and enchanting forests. Conference spaces that allow natural light and provide attendees a view to the outdoors is critical to attendees’ well-being and performance. According to publication, daylight is the most highly desired natural element feature in the workplace. People who have windows in their office receive, on average, 46 minutes more sleep per night than those who don’t. This leads to sharper, more creative thinking during the day. The publication also found that natural light improves moods, reduces stress, and positively impacts circadian system functioning, elements which are critical to productivity. The awe-inspiring destinations of Dolce Hotels and Resorts are visually stunning and provide spectacular views, from the sprawling mountains of Dolce’s Aspen Meadows Resort in Colorado, to verdant golf courses and the azure Mediterranean Sea at Dolce Frégate Provence in France. Dolce Hotels and Resorts offer ideal environments for your next meeting or event where attendees can connect, create, and discover in unforgettable settings.  

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