November 20, 2023
By Cvent Success Team

With the Thanksgiving Holiday right around the corner, the Cvent Client Success team is excited to share some of their favorite Cvent features we can all be thankful for this year!


  1. Cvent Webinar – Webinars have become an integral part of the total event program for most organizations. With Cvent Webinar, you can easily create simple webinar events with streamlined engagement features.


  2. Events+ - Create a centralized hub for all of your events and curated video content with Events+. You can create different channels for your videos and promote future event registration all in one place! Direct previous, current, and future attendees all to one place to access the content and keep them engaged.


  3. Click Tracking – Knowing who clicked what and when can help you know how to market for future events. With Click Tracking, you can run a report to see how many people opened your emails, unique clicks, total clicks, open rate, click-through rate, and more!


  4. Meeting Request Forms – Gone are the days of tracking events through excel files and email chains. With Cvent’s Meeting Request Forms, you can create a customized event questionnaire that stakeholders can fill out when requesting a meeting or event. You can then approve or deny those requests and turn the approved requests directly into Cvent events. Now you can easily report on and keep track of all your events in one place! 


  5. Vendor Marketplace – Are you in search of a new AV and Production team? Or maybe in need of some Creative Services, and aren’t sure where to go? With the Cvent Vendor Marketplace, you can now search through tons of existing vendors who can provide you with services you need for your events.  


  6. Embedded Widgets – Do a lot of your invitees go straight to your organization’s website in search of event registration? Want to save them a couple of clicks? Using Embedded Widgets, you can embed your Cvent Registration form onto an external website, so invitees can register directly through your Cvent form, on that site! Check out an example here! 


  7. Language Management – Have you ever wished you could change the wording of something in Cvent? Well, you can! With Language Management, you can customize the default Cvent text. This allows you to change the wording to better fit your events and brand.


  8. Planner Alerts – With events, there is a lot going on, and as event planners and marketers, you want to stay up to date on everything happening within your events. Planner Alerts allow you to do just that! You can create customized alerts that get sent out to users on your account or other stakeholders, for several important things you may need to know. For example, if a session has reached capacity, if someone has registered, submitted an air request, if a transaction failed, and so much more.


  9. Passkey - Passkey is the room block management tool that allows you to streamline the process for registrants to book a hotel for your event. By integrating Cvent with Passkey, registrants can go directly to the hotel booking page from the Cvent registration confirmation page. The data also syncs back and forth to make the process simpler for your attendees, and it allows you to report on the hotel and event data together in Cvent. 


  10. Event Diagramming – Easily create the perfect 3D diagram and floorplan for your event, with Cvent’s Event Diagramming. Choose from thousands of already existing venues or upload your own. Move around tables, stages, food & beverage stations, and more, to create that perfect floorplan. You can even do virtual walk-throughs of venues, so you can choose where your next event will be, without having to step foot outside your home.


Contact your Account Team with any questions on how you can use these features. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving from your Cvent Client Success Team!



This post was written by Megan Burns, Lead Client Success Advisor at Cvent. Megan is a James Madison University alum that has a passion for traveling, reading, going to concerts, and trying new restaurants.


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