August 20, 2019
By Madison Layman

The registration desk is the first thing attendees see at your event. It’s your first impression onsite. When attendees check-in, the event starts. That’s why you have to make sure that your registration desk is the best it can be. That means using the best technology, thinking about flow, and providing assistance. Are you thinking about event check-in?

Set Event Check-In Times

Before the event, let attendees know when the registration desk will be open for check-in. You can send out a push notification in your mobile event app or an email. Make it clear when attendees can show up and where the registration desk is.

The Registration Desk

Your registration desk should fit the theme of your event. It should also fit in with the flow of the event. When figuring out where to set up your registration desk, think about how attendees will enter the venue. It should be in a central location at the start of the venue, but not too close to the entrance and exit. You don’t want it to make it difficult to get in and out of the venue. The registration desk should tie into event branding.

The Line

This is a trick – you shouldn’t have a line! Your attendees will enter the event at different times, but most will show up at the same time. Proper planning will ensure that you can cut down on a line at the registration desk. However, attendees arrive at the same time at the start of the event. Plan for minor lines and create a plan to keep attendees moving through registration.

 The Tech

A registration desk didn’t use to incorporate technology. But know, tech can make check-in a breeze. With iPad sign-in and on-demand badge printing, you can make check-in quickly and easy. You don’t need as many people on board to staff the desk and the quick check-in keeps down lines. It also gives you the chance to capture attendee data, correctly. While you should have registration info, sometimes it’s input incorrectly, and attendees will update it when they check-in.

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The Badges

Attendees will need to wear their badges for the length of your event. Your badges can help you capture data about session attendance, attendee information, and more. Think about having badges with QR codes for scanning. Make sure that there isn’t too much information on the badge that it’s hard to read attendee names. Some badges have an abbreviated schedule printed on the back for an easy reference.

The Support

Even if you have all the check-in tech that exists, you still need to have support on hand in case something goes wrong. Badge printers can jam, screens can run out of battery, and there is always the chance that there will be user error. Base the number of support based on the number of attendees. There should always be someone around to offer support, often more at the beginning of the day.

Your Desk is the Entrance to The Event

Keep your registration desk up-to-date with the latest tech to make the attendee experience seamless. Give attendees a great first impression.

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Madison Layman

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