August 20, 2019
By Cvent Supplier Network
The technology powering mobile apps has become so innovative that users are no longer impressed (or willing to settle fore) with a run-of-the-mill, stable application. They want more out of their mobile apps, and the mobile experience in general. This is the same for your attendees. Creating an enriching, engaging experience at your events with mobile event apps is a must. Taking advantage of this technology can put you on the path toward more fulfilling events for your attendees, and keep them coming back for more. So how do you begin to power up your mobile event experience? How about by having a little fun? Human beings are competitive in nature. They thrive on validation and strive for achievement. And most of all, they like being part of a community. Games take advantage of all these universal human attributes – which is why gaming apps became one of the first apps developed that people paid money to use. After seeing the successful monetization of such apps, businesses quickly followed suit, adding game-like elements to their apps to drive stronger engagement. Gamification is a great way to increase your attendees’ engagement with your mobile event app. Gamification features – especially the well-designed ones – help generate more revenue as well. Though gaming apps are loved by all, you will still need to keep certain elements in mind to successfully gamify your event app. If you can gamify your app smartly, you’ll manage to not only attract more users, but also keep them engaged and satisfied.


An incentive strategy – like awarding badges or reward points – can help create competition, enjoyment, and achievement among your attendees. A reward system on your event app can prove beneficial for both the attendees as well as the event organizers. Users are likely to complete actions on their app if they know they are going to get rewarded for it. And with increased user engagement, you are likely to get an additional source of revenue.

Make them Express

Digital rewards can also be used to fulfill people’s need for self-expression. This is especially true for apps that help users express their creativity. The desire for self-expression can be taken into account while designing gaming elements for your event app. For example, you could allow a user to change the color or theme on the profile page of their app. Your app could also allow attendees to express themselves through avatars, badges and other virtual incentives. Digital rewards pull the recipient into the app to redeem the gift, and can also help with retaining users and encouraging social interactions.

A Sense of Achievement

Gamified mobile apps can combine rewards with achievements. Bigger achievements can be tied to bigger rewards like digital trophies, unlocking new levels or a new status, while smaller achievements can be rewarded with recognition through email or a push notifications. Be sure to include a feature in your app that allows attendees to share their achievements. Remind users to share right when they receive an award, as it would promote the app to new users. Goals and achievements can represent fulfilling of certain challenges, and make attendees feel like they have a mission to accomplish. Learn more about adding gamification to your mobile event app.

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