August 20, 2019
By Featured Venues & Destinations

Guests of Lake Geneva's Grand Geneva Resort & Spa will find some of the richest and most enjoyable menu items in the Midwest.

And that's before they even set foot in a restaurant. 

That's because — in addition to a plethora of dining offerings — Grand Geneva also furnishes a menu that's more about experiences than entrées. It's chock full of team-building activities for groups who are looking for a creative spark, a new perspective, or simply just a good time.

Take, for example, the Charity Putt-Putt, a popular pick that's rewarding in many ways. Teams put their cooperation and imagination to the test as they build a mini golf course using non-perishable food items. They then get to play through the course, after which the goods are donated to a local food bank.

Just like you would expect from a quality restaurant, the experiences menu changes seasonally. The summer edition takes advantage of the warm weather with a variety of outdoor adventures, from scavenger hunts to hiking expeditions. Teams who return in the winter can warm up as they work together in a chili cook-off, or conquer the slopes at The Mountain Top with skiing and snowboarding for all skill levels.

In addition to the engaging options presented in the menu, Grand Geneva will gladly tailor events to your group’s liking, or cook up something new altogether. Planners are encouraged to work with the event staff to determine the groups’ interests, skills and limitations in order to craft a program that’s comfortable and meaningful for everyone.

So, who's the best mojito maker in your group? Is there an engineering wiz in your midst? How about an undercover artist? When you have the chance to compete and collaborate at Grand Geneva, it's not uncommon for hidden talents to come out.

All you have to do is read the menu.



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