August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Today, having a simply attractive or popular destination may not be enough, so event organizers are looking for additional support from the cities hosting their events. Your awesome location may not always be able to assist with the many objectives that event organizers have to achieve. It is only reasonable to investigate and consider destinations that continue to keep up with the industry’s needs while offering extensive support.

One such destination is The Hague. Not only does it offer incredible experiences for most first-time visitors, but also gives an outstanding support infrastructure for event organizers of all caliber and ambition. There are many ways in which The Hague and The Hague Convention Bureau can be of service, but first and foremost – we would like to offer a bit of context.

It is likely that you are already familiar with our city as it is always in the news due to the work of numerous international organizations and companies which headquarter here. Home to The Dutch Royal Family, the seat of the Dutch government, and many famous museums, The Hague has a deserving reputation of prestige, stature and influence. At the same time, The Hague offers surprising and refreshing diversity. Historic and modern architecture harmoniously interlock in the gorgeous city center. The inspiring international vibe complements the traditional Dutch way of living which is known for its enormous respect for social and environmental sustainability. You are likely to be even more surprised to find out that the city has a very playful side to it – with its beautiful sandy beaches, promenades, bars, restaurants and a vibrant cultural scene, something that all the visitors love to discover.

With such an outstanding city profile, marketing your event in The Hague should not present any challenges, and yet we know that event marketing is not as simple as that. Every organization is different, every audience is different, and every edition of every event also stands apart. In The Hague, we appreciated this diversity and enjoy the challenge of “customizing” our city to the unique needs of your delegates.

This translates into many possibilities for each stage of the event cycle. Without any doubt, we are happy to provide you with all the marketing material you need to fascinate your delegates with the promise of visiting The Hague. At the same time, we don’t stop at pre-event marketing and strive to support you during the conference as well as in its aftermath. Whether it is by providing visibility into your event and your brand on all the streets and corners of The Hague, or by supporting you with PR and marketing efforts, we help you to make a lasting impact on the city and within your organization.

They say that content is king, and this certainly counts for every content-driven event. While the responsibility and the expertise of putting together an exceptional program for your conference rests in your hands, The Hague can offer more than just the perfect backdrop for your content. The Hague has a well-developed knowledge infrastructure and is a hub to many clusters, including Peace & Justice, Energy & Renewables, Oil & Gas, Legal & Finance, IT & Telecom as well as Cyber Security. We strive to facilitate connections and leverage the knowledge accumulated by companies and organizations operating within these clusters for the benefit of events that take place in The Hague. This serves to emphasize the importance of the event’s program, helps to increase its relevance in the media and enables the event to build a lasting legacy within the city itself.

Flawless logistics and organization play an undeniably vital role in the success of a conference. We know that this is not easy to achieve and that every event will present its own challenges and puzzles to resolve. The Hague can be of great assistance in solving such puzzles because we work in a well-tuned partnership of venues, restaurants, hotels and service companies. Together we make the city accessible, manageable, transparent, supportive, and hospitable. It is truly the perfect destination for any conference with an ambition.

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