August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Ah yes, the holidays.  A favorite time of year for many, and yet a time when everyone’s schedule becomes increasingly jam-packed. Our agendas are overflowing with more things to do than one person could possibly handle.  Holiday shopping, decorating, and travel are just a few of the things that get added on to the usual plate of work responsibilities.  This extra burden can be even harder on event planners and meeting professionals, who normally are hosting end of the year holiday celebrations and planning dutifully for the upcoming year. With so much going on, it can be difficult at best to get through your to-do list.

So, in the interest of making everyone’s holiday time a little bit easier and the to-do lists a little shorter, here are some ways you can leverage Cvent to work for you:

Parked Report Groups:  Need to send that report of registrants to the hotel but don’t want to re-run and re-email it every day?  Is your boss breathing down your neck about always having the most up-to-date financial data from your events?  Use Cvent’s parked report group feature to automatically send the most up-to-date reports to anyone who might need to see them.  Simply set up the group once (that’s right, one time only) and you’ll never be bothered for those updated reports again; Cvent will take care of it for you!

Scheduling Emails:  Looking to send invitations for your newest event on time but have a million other things piling up that require attention?  Want to remind everyone about those invitations you sent two weeks ago?  You can use the email scheduling feature to set a day and time for your emails to automatically be sent out, relieving you of the pressure of remembering to do it yourself.  When using the feature for invitation reminder emails, you can choose to send them out on a recurring schedule.  We call it “set it and forget it!”

Planner Alerts:  Curious to know when your event is close to hitting capacity or keep track of who has registered for a certain session at your event?  Perhaps you even want to be in the loop when a registrant’s payment fails?  Build Cvent Planner Alerts, which can be set up to automatically notify you of all this and more. You don’t have to go hunting for that information any time you need it,  these alerts can be customized and set up to be sent out to you or anyone else on your team you choose.  Never worry about “being in the know” again.

The holidays can certainly be a stressful time, so make life a little easier on yourself. Use these features in Cvent to automate as much of your event-related work as possible and give yourself the most precious gift of all, the gift of more time!


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