August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
One of the most common questions event planners ask us is, "Now that I've sent out my email invitation, what can I do to increase my response rate?" Invitation reminders are a great answer. Invitation reminders can be sent to all meeting invitees who have not yet responded to your event invitation. In Cvent, these guests fall under the "Undecided" category. By sending an invitation reminder to these Undecided guests, you may see response rates increase by up to 50 percent. So, what exactly should you include in your invitation reminder? • Custom "From" and "Subject" fields. These are the two most important components of an email. After all, invitees evaluate whether or not to even read your email invitation based on these fields. Make sure yours are attention-grabbing and relevant to your target audience. • Event registration link. Aside from your well-written copy about your event, which you've likely already created for your initial event invitation and event website, make sure to include a link to your event registration page. Without it, how would your invitees sign up for your conference? • Event registration URL. Along the same lines, it's important to include the full URL of your event registration. This way, if for some reason an invitee cannot click on the link to register, he or she can copy and paste this URL into a web browser and still access your conference registration site. • A "No" button. Let your invitees know that to prevent receiving any further emails about the event, they need to click the "No" button on the invitation. For example, write, "Click here to respond to this invitation. If you do not plan to attend this event, and would not like to receive any further emails, please respond 'No' by clicking on this link." By getting a definite answer from an invitee, you'll save both your time and theirs spent on further event-related communication. Written by Sarah Larkins.

Cvent Guest

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