January 30, 2020
By Madison Layman

Are events still relevant in the digital age?

With the rise in technology, it’s no wonder that those in the meetings and events industry may be left wondering if live events are the best way to connect with attendees. After all, meetings could move online, events can occur over different apps, and people seem more inclined to stay inside than to travel a long distance for an event. But, despite technology and the ease of connecting through technology, meetings and events are more relevant than ever.

Events offer opportunities you may be missing

According to the Event Technology Engagement Study by Cvent & Event Marketing Institute, 85% of event professionals say face to face events are critical or very important in accelerating the sales pipeline and generating revenue. On average, 24%-40% of marketing program budgets are spent on live events. Not only are live events still relevant in the digital age, but they’re also essential parts of the buyer’s journey. 

Live events can impact your marketing program

There is a chance that your marketing program isn’t taking advantage of live events.  From attendee interactions to data and analytics, live events are an important piece of the marketing mix. They drive awareness, create new leads, and accelerate opportunities. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to create an event plan that works. Building events into your marketing program hasn’t always been straightforward. But it should be. With the right tools and systems in place, marketers are able to capture data and act on insights from event interactions. The way we think about live events needs to change – it’s time to maximize their impact.

Use Data and Insights in Your Live Events Program

The problem for many marketers is the disconnection of data and insights from live events. Either they don’t have the tools in place to gather the data they need to build attendee profiles and aid the sales team or the systems they’re using are disparate, keeping valuable data in silos. Live events won’t make an impact if the right tools and systems aren’t in place to allow marketers to capture and act on event interactions.

A Marketer’s Guide to Getting Maximum Impact from Live Events

In this eBook, we’ll show you, step-by-step, the many ways you can:

  • Maximize the impact of your events
  • Utilize event technology to gather and analyze data
  • Set the foundation for an events program that feeds the sales funnel
  • Create an events program that builds revenue year-after-year

Download A Marketer’s Guide to Getting Maximum Impact from Live Events.


Madison Layman

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