August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
Even though her name sounds like she could be a nightclub singer or a master sleuth in a best-selling crime novel series, Cat Caruso calls herself "head cheerleader" of pc/nametag, the world’s leading source of customized name badges and registration supplies. In more formal terms, she is pc/nametag’s general manager. As captain of the team, her job is to champion bigger and smarter ideas that help pc/nametag deliver value to the ever-changing meetings and events industry. “Our goal is to make it easy for the meeting planner to succeed and to make sure that the name badge is legible, looks perfect and makes a great first impression – what everyone wants at an event,” says Cat. She goes on to explain that pc/nametag promotes the power of the name tag as the most important networking tool at events. An attendee’s name, title, company, plus the design of the badge – photos, artwork, the logo – all of these things create the narrative of the person wearing it. The name tag breaks the ice, starts a conversation and allows the attendee the opportunity to tell more of her story, while building meaningful connections. In the name tag business a little over two years, Cat was most recently a marketing director with Avery® Office Products North America. Prior to that, she worked with other name-brand companies such as Clorox, Nestle and Starbucks. Cat’s team of almost 70 people is hyper-focused on making a customer’s registration table and ultimately their meeting the best it can be. She describes pc/nametag as more a consultative selling organization as opposed to a direct-selling company. “When planners call, they receive so much more than the standard ‘Can I take your order?’ from our meeting specialists. Instead, they ask questions to help problem solve. What type of event? Is it formal? How long is it? Have you ever considered this type of badge for your event? They help the planner who forgot to plan for event check-in entirely. We even have a specialist who calls customers 45 weeks prior to their event to remind them they have a meeting coming up. She receives responses like, ‘I’m so glad you called!’ Or, ‘If you hadn’t called, I’d be so far behind!’” Cat ensures that the same level of expertise and trust extends into all areas of pc/nametag. We offer exclusive products inspired by fellow meeting planners, and state-of-the-art professional services – everything from customized imprinting of lanyards and laminated event badges, to assembling name tags and sending them directly to the event. As 2017 begins, Cat rallies the pc/nametag team to focus on disrupting the meetings industry with products and services that customers didn’t know they needed. “Between our vibrant Full-Color Event Badge with RFID capabilities and our original and whimsical badge ribbons, we are helping planners create meetings that really stand out from the rest. Attendees also have the opportunity to build lasting connections and keep memorabilia of events,” says Cat. To learn more, visit pc/

Cvent Guest

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