August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

At every event, there are certain sessions that always stand out, "wow" the attendees, receive a standing ovation, show up repeatedly in post-event surveys, and have the potential to change or disrupt an industry. What makes those particular sessions stand out, year after year? The speakers.

Speakers are the secret ingredient to your event's success. The new update to the CrowdCompass mobile app will ensure your speakers reap the benefits of speaking at your event and help you secure the best talent.

In the updates we’ve made to the Speaker Detail page, we’ve given your speakers more visibility and opportunity within the app for attendee-speaker engagement. Along with an updated look that is easy to use, the Speaker Detail page now portrays speakers’ social icons which link directly to their social profiles. It also lists other sessions where the speaker is presenting, so attendees can easily tap through and add those sessions to their personalized schedule.

Four key benefits of the updated Speaker Detail page:

  1. Promote your sessions. Speaker details pages are one of the most popular areas within the app. Attendees use speaker details to pick sessions, network before your event, and provide internal justification for attending. The more information you offer your attendees about speakers, the more accurately they’ll be able to select sessions that will leave them inspired and excited about your event.
  2. Let your speakers take center stage. Your speakers want visibility. They want to engage with (and be remembered by) your attendees. They want standing-room only sessions. They want to make priceless industry contacts and gain social media followers. The updated Speaker Detail page offers all of this and more. It’s also a great way to validate your event to the speakers and ensure their time was well-spent.
  3. A beautiful functional layout. You’ll notice that the clean modern look of the page is similar to the Session Detail page and the Schedule. That’s because attendees are more likely to interact with pages that are accessible and easy-to-read. CrowdCompass designers do extensive user research and study industry trends to make sure that your app is simple, functional, and fun for your attendees.
  4. Encourage app adoption among your speakers. Getting 100% app adoption is vital to mobile event app success. The functionality and updated design of the new page means your speakers will be incentivized to download and engage within the event app. Make sure your speakers know that a fully-populated speaker page can help promote their session.

The new Speaker page will get automatically updated in your app. Just like the current detail page, you will be able to change settings and functionality.


This new feature post is written by Jim Hornor. Jim is a Product Manager who loves making sure our event apps have the coolest new features!

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