August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest

Miami is famous for its neon candy lights, pastel art deco buildings, wild beach parties, flashy luxurious cars, and Cuban cigars. Even though most of this may still exist, Miami has grown up and turned into a sophisticated beach town that is now a force to be reckoned with. Similar to New York and Los Angeles, Miami has all that a big city has to offer: shopping, dining, entertainment, etc. However, there is much more than meets the eye in this city; especially for large parties or groups.

Art and Music

The art and music scene has really exploded in Miami. Today, Miami is one of crown jewels in the global art scene, and host to one of the largest and most notable art fairs around the world- Art Basel. The Shelborne Wyndham Grand South Beach provides the quintessential Miami art experience with its own flair and charm.  Famously known for its historic Art Deco design, The Shelborne displays stunning pieces of art from local galleries, offering a taste of what the city has to offer. Because of this art explosion, the suburbs of the city have bloomed into popular artistic neighborhoods such as Wynwood, Design District, Little Haiti, and the Arts & Entertainment District. All neighborhoods contain beautiful representations of celebrated artists and offer groups a first-hand artist experience with walking and culinary tours. The Wynwood walking tours offer art tours, graffiti tours and gallery tours, a perfect cross-section of Wynwood galleries and local street art. The Miami music scene is an exciting setting for groups ready to feel the local beats of the city. Live music has taken hold of the city’s best venues and local areas. Today, you can find these soulful sounds across the city as well as new aged blends of music. Music venues such as The Fillmore Miami Beach offer an intimate setting for large parties while still showcasing some of the big name acts. For groups looking to stay for the night, Miami’s Latin clubs on the beach or all the way to Little Havana offer a phenomenal time. The local favorite, Ball and Chain, located in the heart of Little Havana, offers a combination of new aged and vintage style Latin dancing.

International Cuisine

The food scene has really developed over the last several years due to the wave of tourism and new hotels across the city. We all know that Miami is known as an international hub spot and because of this, one can find a large variety of cuisine within the city. Famed Chefs are planting their seeds inside this town and offering a taste of their cuisine for travelers all over the world to try. Groups looking to dine around town can always find a Latin twist on most foods in the area but now you can also find American, Caribbean, European, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisines spread throughout the entire city. Whether catered within your hotel by the house chef or local venues hosting your group, there are plenty of international choices waiting to accommodate your party. We cannot forget about the beautiful fusions that create interesting combinations on several different types of cuisines. Top Chef Alums Jeff McInnis and Janine Booth, have done just that with their unique twist on Cantonese Dim Sum and American Comfort Food at The Sarsaparilla Club restaurant, located at The Shelborne Wyndham Grand. Here you can find innovative plates, such as dumplings stuffed with beets and goat cheese- a must try foodie invention. From Southern cooking with Asian influences, sushi with Latin flares, and Italian and Brazilian pizza concoctions, no one who comes to the city will ever leave hungry.

Wildlife Attractions

Many forget that half of the entire state of Florida is covered in water and greenery containing unique wildlife inside them. Travelers are unaware of all the incredible natural parks that are nestled between city streets. Take a stop at any local park and one will discover the lush green beauty that Miami’s metropolitan city secretly has to offer. One of the native favorites is Oleta River State park; a park and beach all in one. Groups can explore the grounds on boats, jet skis, kayaks, and paddle boards. This is the ultimate spot for group activities such as team building or group competitions. Or take a short drive to the famed Everglades, which allow visitors to enjoy a first-hand experience of Floridian wildlife, including boat rides through wetlands with live alligators circling the waters as well as animal shows that allow guests to come up close and personal with rare critters. After this animal experience, your group will feel closer than ever!


What doesn’t this city offer? Whether taking personal time for leisure activities or enjoying a group outing with the entire team, Miami truly offers something for every member of your group to enjoy. From football, basketball, baseball, surfing, and polo, there is really no sports entertainment that Miami doesn’t showcase. Inside these massive sport stadiums also includes rows of calendar events that most recently include famous concerts, musicals, conventions, and more. Not only sport entertainments are here in Miami but also creative outlets such as ballets, museums, and theatres. Only footsteps away from The Shelborne Wyndham Grand Hotel, one can find the Miami Ballet which includes re-imagine shows such as “Mid Nights Summers Dreams.” Also nearby is the prominent Miami Bass Museum, an Art Deco building that includes contemporary art pieces located within an enjoyable beachfront park.  However, the most upcoming locations are newly designed museums by prominent architects including Perez Art Museum by Herzog & de Mueron and the 1000 museum by Zaha Hadid. Here you can find personalized group tours with unique modern art features, all set against the backdrop of Miami City waters.

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