April 25, 2017
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1. The Name Says it All

As a nod to the history of the Meier & Frank building erected in 1909, as one of the nation’s most successful department stores, and a beacon of fashion, the Nines refers to an expression that originated in such an era— “dressed to the nines.” The derivation of the phrase appears to be undetermined, but the meaning was clear. If you are dressed to the nines, you are looking your best. In fact, in the early part of the 20th century, people got “dressed to the nines” to go to the department store.  Our modern day interpretation is the same, expectation of being your best and experiencing the best.  Step up to luxury…the Nines is on the top 9 floors.

2. Past Perfect

Located next to Pioneer Courthouse Square in the heart of the city center, the Nines rests atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building and pays contemporary homage to the edifice's storied past, both in its striking décor and impeccable service.  Flocked in glazed terra cotta, this fifteen story masterpiece was brought to life in 1909 and served as the flagship store and headquarters for Meier & Frank, once heralded as the largest retailer west of the Mississippi.

Rich in history and accentuated with a diverse past, this iconic monument featured the first escalator installation in Portland and, in 1922, also functioned as the studio for Meier & Frank's very own radio station. At its peak, the department store housed everything from a pharmacy, to a pet store, to a deli and served as Clark Gable's place of employment prior to him meeting fame and fortune as an actor in the 1930's. Through all of its alluring past, the Meier & Frank Building has remained steadfast as a timeless landmark in Portland's downtown culture.

3. Artfully Curated

More than 400 commissioned paintings, sculptures, and installations enliven public areas, meeting rooms, and guest rooms, many with a slant toward fashion as an homage to the buildings storied past.  Each passage, each turn is an unexpected moment of discovery.  The Collection represents the work of local and regional artists and instantly establishes the Nines a relevant on the cultural landscape.  This thoughtful collection was curated by Paige Powell whose rise into the inner circle of the art world began in New York by serving as Associate Publisher, photographer and interviewer for Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine from 1981-1994. During this time, she worked closely with Andy Warhol on commissioned art projects and ran the magazine’s advertising, marketing, media and public relations departments.

4. Interior Motives

The hotel blends bold, modern design with traditional forms to create the Nines’ boutique personality with a “nostalgic modern” approach. Incorporating elements from the worlds of art and fashion, eclectic nods to the Meier & Frank building’s retail past from the Roaring Twenties to the Swingin’ Sixties are featured throughout.

5. Departure Rooftop Restaurant + Lounge

This modern Asian restaurant, with award winning cuisine by the celebrity chef Gregory Gourdet, is the best place in the city to enjoy spectacular views of the Willamette River, Cascade Mountains, and Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square.  Recently featured on "The 10 Best Rooftop Bars in the U.S." on Conde Nast Traveler online.  Perch, sip, relax, and repeat.

6. Urban Farmer Steakhouse

With pride in craftsmanship, respect for Northwest food traditions and local, organic sourcing, Urban Farmer redefines the modern steakhouse. Urban Farmer’s menu curated by Executive Chef Matt Christianson emphasizes sustainable Northwest ingredients and authentic straightforward preparations that showcase a range of locally sourced beef. Fresh local produce is carefully preserved and pickled, offering a homespun counterpoint to the redefined ambiance.

7. Business and Pleasure

The state-of-the-art conferencing and event facilities offers 14,000 square feet of space including an impressive 7,200 square foot ballroom with elegance touches that include 18 foot ceilings with custom made chandeliers from the Murano glass factory.  Creative culinary provided by Executive Chef Matt Christianson puts an end to the typical conference buffet. Additional amenities, including non-traditional space such as the Library and the Barrel Room along with a 24 hour fitness center and a club level lounge, make business rather pleasurable.

The hotel provides complimentary high-speed internet access throughout the hote, even the meeting space!

8. Commitment to Sustainability

Green is the new color of luxury hospitality, and the Nines is laying it on thick.  Every meeting is a green meeting at the Nines.  The hotel is LEED Silver Certified, Green Seal Certified, and named as one of 100 best Green companies in Oregon in 2015.

9. The Luxury Collection:

The Nines is part of The Luxury Collection, the curator of the world’s most enriching and desirable destination experiences, the key that unlocks authentic locales for today’s seasoned global explorers; provider of indigenous, rare experiences.

The Luxury accommodations are complimented by the luxury service provided by the passionate staff at the Nines, dedicated to providing a customized stay tailor made for you.



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