August 20, 2019
By Cvent Guest
It’s no secret that event planners have a stressful job. In fact, event planner has actually been ranked as one of the most stressful jobs in the world, alongside careers like Air Traffic Control. Seriously, it’s true. Working closely with event planners, I’ve come to learn that they wear many different hats, and therefore have many different names. I’ve compiled a list of some of these names below:


Event planners often have to put out many fires during the event planning process. From caterers canceling last minute to event venues being rained out, there isn’t a fire too big for event planners. In fact, most normal people would run from these situations, but event planners laugh in the face of danger and head towards the eye of the storm. Ok, maybe that’s a little dramatic. But planners do know that if the event doesn’t go off without a hitch, they’d need to deal with a very angry client and hundreds of angry attendees, which is much scarier than any fire.


You know the trick where the magician saws his or her assistant in half? Event planning is a lot like being sawed in half. Event planners are often given seemingly impossible tasks to complete in a short amount of time, and somehow pull them off. The only logical explanation for this is — they must be magic. All event planners have been approached by a client and asked to take on the impossible. For example, a client wants to have a 3-day long conference with thousands of guests at 3 different venues… oh, and by the way, the event is a month from now. “Can you do it?”, they’ll ask hopefully. And that’s when the magic needs to happen.


Working closely with clients for months on end before an event goes live understandably makes event planners really get to know their clients. Many long days are spent together hammering out the details. Event planners will often learn their client’s life stories; where they grew up, what their favorite sports team is, how high school was a traumatizing time and many more “fun facts”. Because of this, event planners can often be mistaken for therapists. Not only do planners need to pull off an event, now they have to subtly counsel their client when the stressors of event planning become too much. Event planners definitely don’t have it easy, but they love what they do. Having to wear many hats is a specialty of theirs, and frankly, they are the type of people that would be bored without the challenge. Event planners, what are some other funny job titles you can relate to? Share tweet us at @Cvent. For more on event planners, event tech and other industry info, subscribe to our blog.

Cvent Guest

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