August 20, 2019
By Anderson Conte

Cvent Advocates is a fun and bustling VIP community of enthusiastic meeting and event planners. In addition to building relationships with like-minded individuals, advocates also have access to top industry content and resources in the Cvent Advocates Hub. We love hearing about our advocates' experiences, that is why we created the mini-blog series, How I Saved the Day. We asked our Cvent Advocates to share a time when they almost encountered an event catastrophe if it wasn't for their witty solution. You'll feel their franticness, and applaud their quick thinking, as you read and enjoy their relatable experiences.

I* had to produce a fundraising event in a 35,000 sq. ft. house.  Although there was a lot of square footage, only about half of that was usable space.  Everything in the home was a work of art or a true artifact.  It was tough to determine the placement of the premium sponsor tables vs. the mid-level sponsors.  The event featured 12 celebrity chefs, so each of them had to be placed in key areas as well!  Well, 35,000 sq ft becomes really small when you have to strategically place 10 sponsor tables, 12 celebrity chefs, and leave room for service, three wet bars, entertainment, and an auction area. Oh and don't forget the 400 guests!

Things were a tad chaotic but overall going okay. The biggest challenge we faced was parking.  We needed to entertain 400 guests but  there was no way the neighborhood could accommodate 200-300 vehicles. We needed to get creative which started with the valet company.  It was imperative we used a company that worked events in that specific neighborhood. Thankfully, the valet company we contacted knew the tricks and logistics of handling an event of this scale. We lucked out because some of the neighbors were guests at the event and graciously allowed the valet company to park some of the vehicles at their homes.  We also partnered with a nearby resort and country club to use their parking lot. The valet company shuttled their team to and from that lot to retrieve cars. With some quick thinking, everything worked out fabulously!

*This true story was submitted by Cvent Advocate, Mia Monroe.

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