August 20, 2019
By Cvent Supplier Network
Hosting events is healthy for small businesses. Today’s digitally-drenched world may have put many options at our disposal to connect with others, but they are no match for live in-person meetings, where you get the pleasure of interacting with someone face-to-face and making real connections. This is the main reason why events make for a great marketing tactic for businesses -- they help you connect with customers in real-time. Events have proven more beneficial for small businesses specifically, as they help cultivate a strong brand image, generate publicity, and foster meaningful relationships with their customers. Here are four reasons why small enterprises should host events:

Network with peers

Small business owners and entrepreneurs generally find themselves facing a different set of struggles than their larger counterparts. This leads them to experience a growing sense of isolation as they work to drive their business forward. Conferences and networking events provide a great excuse for entrepreneurs and 'solopreneurs' to step out and interact with their peers. Such events promote interaction among peers, and are great spaces for sharing concerns and challenges.

Build a strong brand image

Small businesses can use events to expand their visibility and build brand trust. When customers get to see the face behind your business, they are more likely to trust your brand. Events provide the opportunity to make a good impression on prospects and establish a relationship with them on a personal level. Remember, events may not immediately turn into massive sales, but customers do remember the experience. These customers will turn to you when they need products and services in the future.

Influence prospects

Events also help with getting the word out about your business. Small businesses generally build their clientele through word-of-mouth marketing. Advocacy events provide a great platform for prospects to interact with happy customers and get to know your brand better. Such events help generate great publicity for your business and allow you to meet new customers face to face.

Improve your business

Aside from networking with peers, and helping gain leads, events can also help improve your business. At events like trade shows and networking conferences, you can learn about the new trends in your field from people in related industries. These events also help identify the areas for improvement in your business. Events are the best professional networking hubs as they bring your customers, prospects, staff and peers together in one place. They are a great resource for small businesses as they allow you to share your best-practices with others, while at the same time help you learn about the latest trends and strategies followed by other like-minded businesses and industry experts. Organizing smaller events is a snap, see how you can plan a meeting of your own in minutes with Cvent Express.

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