August 20, 2019
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We know by now, that technology is a must for meetings and events: before, during, and after. But, you might be asking yourself, what's right for my particular event?

Here are a few things to consider.

What’s will resonate with my attendees? Event apps are a must-have for today's attendees. This is a no-brainer. But, consider the type of app that fits best with the mission of your organization and event. If you have one annual event, or dozens yearly, there's a lot to consider. Should you invest in a multi-event app or a single event app? Work with your app provider to find the right solution.

What technology is helpful to us in achieving our goals? New tech is emerging all the time (onsite solutions alone, offering seamless registration and check-in are all the rage), which can make it difficult to keep up with this quickly developing industry.  Meeting apps have been essential for quite a while, but it's also essential for a meeting professional to look at other emerging tech. Event apps: There are a host of meeting apps on the market, both offered by app developers and hoteliers themselves. They are most often used to engage with attendees, provide key event information, list sponsors and participants, and provide practical information like venue maps, content and more.  They can also usually be used as an interactive piece of your event puzzle - for live polling, instant feedback, and a way to gather business contacts. Many apps have other functions that can be both fun and useful.

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Co-creation tools: There is a long list of software that can help meeting participants develop ideas and knowledge together. Most meeting apps have this type of function, but there are also many free applications and low cost online tools.

The Catch Box: A microphone encased in a rubber cube (which makes it possible to toss around a meeting room), The Catch Box is a fun gimmick that can produce a different kind of interaction between participants.

Telepresence robots: As globalization develops, it has also become increasingly common to have hybrid meetings, where there are participants who are not physically present, but are following the meeting from another country or another city. In this context, so-called telepresence robots – basically iPads on wheels – have been developed. The robot can be controlled by a computer and it means that a non-physically present participant can drive around at the meeting and converse with other participants during breaks and mobile sessions.

Go-pro cameras: Cameras which can, for example, be mounted on a participant’s head to film the meeting from that person’s perspective. The film can be used as documentation, but it can also be streamed online to participants that are not physically present at the meeting.


Drones can make it possible to film and observe the meeting from completely new angles. Several issues relating to safety and surveillance that have not yet been resolved remain, but numerous industry participants are working on finding solutions. For example, the entire American Super Bowl was filmed from the air using a drone.

Portable technology is technology that has been built into clothing, coffee cups, badges and meeting folders which is used to collect information about participants’ behavior. This information, and that pertaining to participants’ preferences, is essential in evaluating meetings and being able to create future meetings that will keep your attendees returning again and again.

Virtual reality is here and will only become prevalent in the coming years. The technology itself has been around for a long time, but it is only now that the price and quality allow for its more widespread use. You'll see more products and presentations created with the help of virtual reality technology.

This is a guest blog post by Bo Krüger, meeting developer, facilitator, lecturer and writer, Moving Minds

Also published on Radisson Blu Blog

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