March 23, 2017
By Madeline Hessel

Face-to-face events are an integral part of a CMO’s strategy to engage customers and drive revenue. Yet, in the digital age - where every tactic from advertising and social media, to mobile apps and email, is measurable down to the click, reporting on event ROI can be problematic at best.

Learn how event professionals prove ROI understanding the language of the C-suite and the technology that can help demonstrate bottom-line value.

Cvent, in partnership with the CMO Club, conducted a ground-breaking study to understand how CMOs view the impact of meetings and events on their businesses. In the process we discovered the “hidden secret” of event marketing – CMOs and marketers instinctively know that events drive both top and bottom-line positive impact, but proving events and meetings attribution to pipeline and ROI is extremely difficult.

In order to prove event value to CMOs, today's event professionals have to move beyond the logistics and activity reporting to become strategic, ROI-focused marketers. This requires understanding how events not only engage customers, but also accelerate the sales cycle and deliver bottom-line results. It requires understanding the language of the C-suite and the technology that can help demonstrate that value.

In this online presentation, we’ll explore how event marketing professionals can not only improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their event experiences, but can better demonstrate the financial impact on their businesses through the use of data and analytics.

Join us for this online presentation: The CMO Perspective – How to Measure and Track Your Event ROI. We’ll help you uncover how you can better communicate the financial impact of your events to the C-suite, transforming them from a cost center to a revenue engine, including:

  1. How to measure and track ROI throughout the event lifecycle – before, during and after the event.
  2. How to align goals, metrics and results with sales for better pipeline performance
  3. How to track the Attendee Journey throughout your CRM, event and marketing automation systems


P.S. Download our CMO Solution Guide: Modern Event Marketing report for a first-hand look at how top CMOs are viewing the value of their events as part of their marketing mix.

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