August 20, 2019
By Madison Howard
Did you know that every person has six fundamental human needs? That doesn’t mean we’re all the same, though. Our unique personality is driven by a distinctive mix of the six basic needs. Why is that important? Because when we understand our personality, we can double down on what we’re good at and gain a better understanding of what we’re not so good at. We can find out how to go outside of our comfort zone. When it comes to event planning, our human needs, our personality, ties to the attendee experience. By better understanding what drives each individual, you can construct a more personalized event. The data you gather using event tech helps you create an individual experience that resonates with each attendee. In this webinar, Myllisa Patterson will break down the six fundamental human needs and explain how to use your planner personality to deliver personal and relevant results for your audience.

How Your Planner Personality Translates into Personal Attendee Experiences

Wednesday, August 1st at 2:00pm ET During this webinar, you’ll learn:
  • How the six fundamental human needs inform personality
  • What data you need to power personalization
  • How event tech can create personalized experiences for attendees

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Madison Howard

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