August 20, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

You may have met a member of our team in-person either through an onsite training, a Customer Success Group, or maybe even at Cvent CONNECT.  But if not, the Client Success team you talk to day-in and day-out may still be somewhat of a mystery to you.

If that’s the case, we want to introduce you with our new blog series: Meet the Cvent Client Success Team.  These Cventers will share a little bit about themselves with you, as well as their favorite Cvent features and reasons why they love Client Services here at Cvent.  We hope you enjoy meeting them as much as we enjoy introducing them to you! So here goes…

Julia Goode
Client Success Lead, Event Management
Headquarters, McLean, VA

About Julia: I have been with Cvent for about three years now, always in our Client Services department. I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Hospitality Management, so I really love being able to interact with event planners and still be able to immerse myself in the industry. A few of my hobbies include cooking, baking, finding new happy hour and brunch places around DC (I'm definitely a foodie), and spending time with my family.

Favorite Cvent Feature: The ability to mark participation onsite by using the OnArrival app. The app is completely free and extremely simple to use, and it allows planners to track participation data in real-time by checking registrants in onsite with just the swipe of a finger. The benefit of marking participation is that planners can then send out post event feedback surveys to the appropriate audience and really gauge what their registrants loved and may not have loved about their event in order to elevate registrants' experiences for the following year.

Why Cvent Client Services?: What I love about our team in Client Services is how valued teamwork is. Anyone on the CSC team is always available and willing to block of time on their calendars to help brainstorm a crazy event setup, offer ways that their clients may be using Cvent to achieve a specific setup, and step in on client calls when another CSC may be out of the office. Having such a large team of product experts allows for spreading knowledge and different experiences across our team, which in turn benefits our clients!

Aditya Thawardas (A.T.)

Client Success Consultant, Event Management
Headquarters, McLean, VA

About A.T.: I was born in Mumbai, India, grew up in Nashville, TN, and went to school in Pittsburgh, PA.  I play the guitar in my free time and am a Tennessee Titans, Nashville Predators, and Pittsburgh Panthers fan.

Favorite Cvent Feature: My favorite Cvent feature is the new session location field, which allows you to create and maintain a list of locations within each event and apply one of these locations to each of your sessions.  This feature is also evidence of how Cvent evolves it’s product to fit the needs of clients!

Why Cvent Client Services?: My favorite part of our Client Services Department is the team-oriented culture that allows us all to work together seamlessly.  The fact that we enjoy working with each other makes coming into work every day an absolute pleasure.

Paige Roseman
Client Success Consultant, Event Management
Headquarters, McLean, VA

About Paige: I am a graduate of Penn State University.  My hobbies include eating the tailgate foods that come with watching Steelers/PSU football games, watching about 3 episodes of a Netflix series before switching to another one, and spending time with my close friends and family!  I love exploring new places and listening to country music on the way to said new places!

Favorite Cvent Feature: Table and Seating Management as this feature really helps to complete the streamline process that Cvent offers when it comes to seeing an event through.  Many of the events I work on with my clients have some sort of breakout session or dining option that has assigned seating, but they aren’t aware of the option that Cvent offers in handling it all through the system!  It helps to make the event seem even that bit more organized and successful.

Why Cvent Client Services: I love that throughout the Client Services team there is a mentality that makes if feel like we are “all in this together.”  Although we all handle our specific clients and responsibilities, I feel that when anyone has a specific question or needs assistance, we work together to get it solved.  I love that many of us have unique personalities and outside hobbies, but we make together a pretty cool department that has the same goal of ensuring our clients get the most out of the Cvent product.

Stay tuned for more from our Client Success Team!

This was written by Dixon Blue and Bella Marino, Client Success Consultants at Cvent. Dixon is an avid music-listener, book reader, tennis player, and food lover. Bella loves doing crosswords, road-tripping to visit friends and family, hanging out with her puppy-niece Penny the Golden Retriever, and pretty much any kind of pizza.

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