October 25, 2023
By Hope Salvatori

Workshops are more than just meetings or seminars; they are interactive sessions where attendees roll up their sleeves to learn, create, and collaborate. With the online workshops and courses market projected to reach $1 trillion by 2027, coming up with innovative ideas is key. 

This blog post provides fresh workshop event ideas to choose from. I’ll dive into a comprehensive list suitable for in-person and virtual events, so get your notepads ready – inspiration awaits!

What Is a Workshop Event?

A workshop is an external or internal event that provides a structured learning session to people with similar interests and goals. A subject matter expert typically facilitates it. 

Workshops allow people to get together to exchange ideas and develop new skills. They often combine a mix of chats, hands-on tasks, group talks, and practical learning, offering a great way to hold people's attention and ensure they understand what's being taught.

Why Is a Workshop Event Important?

Organizing dynamic workshops can offer several key benefits:

  • Interactive learning: Hands-on exercises and activities stick better than lectures. Tailor training workshops to attendees' specific needs for an enriching, personalized experience.
  • Networking opportunities: In-person events and virtual breakout rooms allow attendees to meet new people and expand their professional networks. The collaborative exercises in workshops facilitate more social interaction and relationship building.
  • Teamwork experiences: Working together in small groups leaves a lasting impression – it creates memorable workshop experiences. Active engagement through team projects and assignments drives deeper connections between participants.
  • Direct expert guidance: An industry practitioner or a subject matter expert usually facilitates the workshop, so attendees have the opportunity to learn directly from a credible source and ask any questions.
  • Immediate concept application: Some workshops culminate in final presentations, prototypes, or other output that applies to the learning. This empowers participants and builds confidence in utilizing the knowledge.

Workshops actively involve people in the learning experience, making them a great way to connect your teams in a fun, knowledge-driven environment. Whatever your business or industry, you can draw inspiration from creative workshop ideas to produce an event that educates and engages attendees.

Workshop Event Ideas Cvent CONNECT 2023

16 Engaging Workshop Activities for Business Events

Team-building workshops are a great way to boost employee collaboration, morale, and skills development. From scavenger hunts to art classes, here are 16 team-building workshop ideas for your next B2B event:

1. Scavenger Hunt     

A scavenger hunt is one of the interactive workshop events that helps coworkers get to know each other better in a fun and engaging way. Split employees into small teams of 4-6 people. Give each team a list of tasks or items to find around the office or venue. For example:

  • Take a team selfie with the CEO
  • Find out the middle name of the head of HR
  • Get a copy of the company's original incorporation documents
  • Recreate the company logo with materials found around the office

The tasks should encourage teammates to collaborate, communicate, and get creative. Teams can take photos or videos as proof of task completion. Offer fun prizes for the winning team, like gift cards, trophies, or bragging rights!

2. Meditation or Yoga Workshop

Incorporating mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga into the workplace can help reduce team members’ stress and anxiety while building focus and resilience. Hire an experienced instructor to lead a beginner-friendly session teaching foundational poses, breathing techniques, and meditation practices.

Consider making it a recurring workshop that employees can attend when they need a mental break. Provide yoga mats, blocks, and straps to create a comfortable environment.

3. Woodworking Workshop

Woodworking is a rewarding hands-on activity that promotes problem-solving, collaboration, and a sense of accomplishment. Hire experienced woodworkers to teach a small group workshop where employees build a simple project like a bench, shelf, or planter box. Provide all necessary tools, lumber, hardware, and safety equipment.

Woodworking teaches valuable technical skills while allowing employees to unplug from technology and create something tangible. Let participants proudly display their wood creations in the office!

4. Jewelry-Making

Making jewelry is an enjoyable way for co-workers to express their style while learning a new skill. Hire a jewelry instructor to teach key techniques like stringing beads and wire-wrapping. Provide essential tools and materials like pliers, wire, beads, clasps, and string.

Encourage attendees to be creative with their color palettes, textures, and designs. Consider incorporating meaningful symbols or materials special to your company. Employees can wear their handmade pieces with pride!

5. Painting Party

Get those creative juices flowing by conducting a painting party for your team! You can also do this virtually using a webinar platform.

Hire an art instructor to lead a step-by-step group painting session. If hosting it in person, provide all necessary art supplies like canvases, paints, brushes, and aprons. Allow employees to chat and mingle during the workshop to learn about each other's artistic talents and interests.

Set up an area to display the finished paintings and vote on favorites. Consider giving art supplies as gifts to keep the creativity going.

Workshop Painting Innovation Cvent CONNECT 2023

6. Soap-Making

Making soap from scratch teaches chemistry fundamentals in a hands-on way. A soap-making instructor can explain the saponification process and lead attendees through essential steps like preparing lye solutions and integrating oils.

Provide necessary materials like oils, lye, fragrances, molds, and safety gear. Employees will enjoy customizing their bars with exfoliating ingredients, essential oils, and colors. The workshop can inspire mindfulness about using and purchasing soap products moving forward.

7. Pottery Class

Pottery classes are among the most fun yet innovative workshop concepts connecting employees with their creative sides. An experienced pottery teacher can demonstrate essential techniques like centering clay on the wheel, hand sculpting, and glazing.

Offer necessary materials like clay, pottery wheels, sculpting tools, and aprons. Help attendees feel comfortable making beginner mistakes in a judgment-free environment. Display finished pieces around the office as reminders of the skills and camaraderie built during the workshop.

8. Industry Influencer Talks

Gain valuable insider knowledge by hosting talks, panels, or workshops featuring influencers in your field. Reach out to innovators, thought leaders, and experts to share insights about emerging trends, best practices, and more.

Cater the event to focus on topics most relevant for your employees, like social media strategy, PR, leadership skills, or diversity in the workplace. Allow plenty of time for attendees to ask questions. Employees will return to work feeling inspired and motivated.

9. Photography Lessons

Sharpen visual storytelling skills by offering introductory photography workshops for staff. Hire a seasoned photographer to provide hands-on instruction about composition, lighting, aperture, depth of field, and more using digital SLR cameras.

Schedule outdoor sessions to practice techniques like landscape and motion photography. You can even recreate famous portraits as a playful team-building activity! The skills learned will help employees take better photos for company marketing.

10. Coding Class

Understanding coding basics is a valuable skill for many professions. Partner with a coder boot camp or academy to create a beginner-friendly crash course teaching HTML, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals.

In a hands-on learning environment, the instructor can explain key concepts like variables, functions, arrays, and loops. Attendees get exposure to the building blocks of web and software development, which can inspire new ideas and career directions.

11. Mosaic Art

A collaborative mosaic project brings teams together creatively. Hire a mosaic art teacher to explain design transfer and tile-cutting techniques. Provide necessary materials like adhesive, grout, tile, mirror, or glass shards.

Assign groups specific sections of a large mosaic mural to assemble cohesively. This activity fosters communication, problem-solving, and appreciation of each other’s talents. Proudly install the finished mosaic in your office space!

12. Origami Workshop

Origami is a peaceful, focused art form that enhances manual dexterity and attention to detail. A trained origami artist can walk participants through folding beautiful pieces like flowers, animals, or geometric sculptures, starting from basic folds.

Provide colorful origami paper along with instructions and diagrams. Keep it engaging by pairing upbeat music with the meditative paper folding. Display the origami artwork around your workspace to remind employees of the importance of focus and patience.

13. Dance Lessons

Bust a move with dance lessons tailored for your team! Hire professional dance instructors specializing in hip-hop, salsa, swing, or line dancing. Provide a large, open space for interactive lessons. Employees can laugh and bond while learning fun choreography. Split into smaller groups if needed to maximize personal attention for beginners. Upbeat dancing unleashes creativity, decreases stress, and improves mood!

14. Product Demo Workshop

Indulge in one of the most common corporate training activities – product demo.

Select an upcoming product, service, or internal tool your company is developing. Invite staff to role play as customers, testing and critiquing the product's user experience. Alternatively, assign groups to present demos as if pitching to prospective clients. 

The insight gained will aid future product refinement and sales training. It will also enhance team members’ product knowledge while gathering valuable feedback.

15. Tai Chi Class

Think of unconventional workshop ideas like Tai Chi to rejuvenate your team's energy, foster mindfulness, and enhance their overall well-being. Tai chi is a graceful form of martial arts that builds balance, focus, and agility through controlled breathing and flow of movement.

Hire an experienced tai chi instructor to lead employees through beginner poses and sequences. A peaceful outdoor space or serene studio room sets the perfect backdrop. The concentration and attention to form will refresh employees mentally and physically. Consider making tai chi a regular offering for improved workplace wellbeing.

16. Escape Room

Workshop Event Escape Room Cvent CONNECT 2023

An escape room workshop provides an immersive, experiential activity that brings employees together to stretch their mental muscles and strengthen relationships while having a fantastic time!

“Lock” employees in a themed room and ask them to uncover clues and solve puzzles to escape within a set time limit. Customize escape room scenarios to incorporate themes and challenges relevant to your industry or company.

For example, lock teams in a room styled as a music studio, scientific laboratory, art gallery, or even an office setting. Clues can be cryptic messages, physical objects, audio recordings, or any other interactive elements that require teammates to think creatively and work together strategically to progress and ultimately accomplish the goal of escaping the room.

Throughout the experience, participants must listen carefully, share ideas, divide tasks, and leverage each other's strengths and expertise to decode clues and solve multi-layered puzzles. This provides a shared hands-on activity that brings out each team member's skills and personality in a fun, memorable way.

7 Tips for Hosting Memorable Corporate Workshops

To ensure your corporate workshops leave a lasting impact, consider these essential tips for hosting memorable sessions:

1. Focus on Relevant Topics

When designing a corporate workshop, focus the content on topics highly relevant to your target audience. Thoroughly research attendees ahead of time to understand their core pain points, challenges, and interests. Then, center the workshop format and agenda around addressing a specific need or issue they are facing.

For example, if customers struggle with lead generation, create an in-depth workshop focused on optimizing sales funnels and capture strategies. Keep the topic focused rather than covering too many disjointed issues.  

2. Get Creative with the Format

Simply lecturing to attendees often leads to disengaged participants. Bring your corporate workshops to life by incorporating creative and interactive elements. Break attendees into small groups for discussions, roleplaying exercises, and hands-on, collaborative projects related to the content.

Fun themes can also spice things up – for example, adopt a "CSI: Social" theme for a social media strategy workshop. Have groups present what they learned through short skits, mock presentations, or interpretive dance!

3. Highlight New Technologies

Showcase cutting-edge tools and innovations by giving attendees hands-on time to experience them firsthand. For instance, provide access to new software or mobile apps and walk through the key features live.

Let groups collaborate using digital whiteboards, shared docs, video conferencing, and other new tech. Ensure enough facilitators are available to assist attendees and answer questions. Relate how the tech could specifically benefit the work attendees do.

4. Provide Exclusive Resources

Take your workshop up a notch by providing exclusive data reports, case studies, research findings, and success stories that attendees won't get anywhere else. Tap your product experts, researchers, and analysts to create insider content specifically for attendees. Distribute via handouts, secure online portals, or flash drives so attendees feel like they are getting access to privileged information.

5. Encourage Networking

Don't forget the networking component of workshops. Build in breaks, meals, and mixers so attendees can connect. Use icebreakers, small group exercises, and active discussions to get conversations flowing.

Share guides on effective networking practices for exchanging contact information and following up, and consider using a dedicated event app or online community platform to foster connections.

Workshop Event Networking Cvent CONNECT 2023

6. Take an Educational Approach

Structure your workshop content in a course-like format with modules or levels to take attendees from fundamentals to more advanced topics. Offer clear objectives and assessments to track progress. Share case studies, expert tips, and best practices tailored to learners at each stage of the curriculum.

7. Optimize Delivery Format

Don't limit your workshop to a single in-person event. Record content to repurpose later in online videos, podcasts, and other formats, and allow remote attendees through video conferencing and screen-sharing technologies.

Use interactive tools like polls, Q&A, and surveys to engage virtual participants. A hybrid event platform can help seamlessly blend in-person and virtual attendees and content components.

The Power of Workshop Events

In a world driven by constant innovation and the pursuit of knowledge, the importance of workshops as dynamic learning experiences cannot be overstated. These interactive sessions foster a culture of active engagement, providing attendees with valuable skills, networking opportunities, and direct guidance from experts.

As we move into an era where the online workshops and courses market expands, we must recognize that workshops hold the key to personalized, hands-on education. So, whether you're planning workshops for your business, industry, or personal development, remember that these events are not just gatherings but catalysts for growth, collaboration, and creativity.

Embrace the power of workshops to inspire, educate, and bring people together, and you'll be at the forefront of a thriving learning culture in the years to come. The possibilities are limitless, and the journey of discovery has only just begun.

Need an event platform to help you host your next in-person, virtual, or hybrid workshop? Look no further!

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Hope Salvatori

Hope is a Senior Content Marketing Associate who has been with Cvent for more than two years. She has 8 years of experience producing content for corporations, small businesses, associations, nonprofits, and universities. As a content professional, she has created content for a wide range of industries, including meetings and events, government and defense, education, health, and more.

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