May 05, 2015
By Cvent Guest

Marketing hotels on the internet via social media channels goes a long way in determining how well you’ll engage with your audience and if you’ll create a solid fan base amongst travelers.

Yet a common problem for hotel marketers is running out of content ideas. So, whether you’re stuck on what to post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or any other social media space, here are some hotel marketing content ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

“Top 10” Lists
This type of content is quick and easy to create, and is both widely popular and quite useful. Use Top 10 lists to give easy-to-digest recommendations on where to dine, places to visit, what to pack and more. You can compile these lists yourself, or simply link to someone else’s. Accompany with photos or video.

Fun Facts about Your Destination
No one can resist a good piece of trivia. These little known facts can establish you as an expert at exploring your city, plus they’re both relevant to visitors and entertaining. Most CVB and DMO marketing departments already have a list of fun trivia items about their destination. If you don't, take five minutes to do some quick online research.

Client or Guest Stories
When you get an email from a meeting client, or from a past guest sharing a funny story about their stay, ask them permission to share it with your followers on Facebook or your blog. This is great storytelling and a testimonial rolled into one.

Destination What’s New
Be the first to tell your followers about something new in your city and establish your hotel as one of the best sources of information about your destination. New brewery opening in your neighborhood, or a new exhibit at a nearby museum? Share it first with your social media followers and remember to include photos or video.

Travel Tips
There's an abundance of travel information (tips, review sites) out there. Use these for everything from short Tweets to longer blog posts. Again, it’s about establishing yourself as a trusted source and a destination expert.

Behind-the-Scenes Snapshots
Let your followers know what goes on behind the curtain. Show fun photos of your staff preparing for an event, enjoying a laugh at your ops meetings, or prepping for that evening's dinner. People will find this intriguing and will help ‘humanize’ your hotel.

Answer FAQs
If your hotel front desk staff or concierges are constantly asked the same questions over and over, use social media to answer these same questions to educate a larger audience. This could easily prompt your followers to ask even more questions and get them engaging with your hotel.

Polls and Surveys
Get your followers involved and ask them about their favorite attractions, favorite hotel amenities, what makes the perfect vacation, etc. Get them to engage with you and use their answers as a kind of market research that will help you find out how to win and maintain their business.

Announce Staff Appearances
Is your sales staff going to a travel trade show? Or, is your marketing team promoting your hotel in another city? Let your audience know where you’ll be and when. Invite them to stop by and visit you.

Humorous Stories
Whether its through a funny video, photo or anecdote of a humorous event at your hotel or destination, laughter always draws people in.

Charity Involvement
Travelers love to know that the businesses they frequent care about their community. Share social media posts with images of your staff volunteering, news about your hotel’s favorite charity, and about your latest donation.

Contests Updates & Announcements
Contests are widely the most popular posts in the travel social media space. When you run one, don’t simply promote once or twice. Build both buzz and anticipation with frequent updates, reminders of what’s at stake, highlight the best entries and do a countdown until a winner is chosen.

Team Picks
Get your entire staff involved and ask them for ‘local recommendations.’ Share their suggestions for where to eat, what to do, and must-sees in your city.

Media Coverage
Was your hotel included in a travel story in the local paper or a national magazine? Was your destination featured in a travel show? Share it with your followers so they can see what others are saying about you.

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