May 18, 2023
By Alex Clark

We like to collect data at Cvent. You might say it’s one of our passions. And with the Cvent Supplier Network, where thousands of RFPs flow from planner to supplier every day, we’ve got plenty of it to pull from. We try to share our data with you as often as we can, but rarely is there an opportunity as great as Cvent CONNECT to give you access to our data, so you can make informed business decisions.

This year’s Cvent CONNECT will be in Las Vegas from July 24-27, and we’d absolutely love to see you there! There are many reasons to attend, but one that we find particularly pertinent to hoteliers is all of that beautiful, beautiful data.

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Trending in the Right Direction

Every other month, Cvent runs a webinar providing you with the latest updates on US hospitality market trends. We let you know about surging markets, room rates and occupancy levels, how and where events are being booked, what business travel looks like, and more. And we’re running a special edition of the Cvent Source live at CONNECT 2023. We’ve combined data with our top insights from event planners to make sure you get the most bang for your attendance.

Not only will we discuss what’s happening right now in the market, but we’ll let you in on our predictions for how the hospitality and group business markets will behave over the next few months. We want you armed with as much data-based information as possible, so you can make strategic decisions that are best for your business.

It Takes All Kinds

Not only are we sharing our own data with you, we’ll also highlight some of our industry partnerships, like one we have with Northstar Meetings Group. Together, we publish the results of a survey of hundreds of event planners six times a year.

You’ll have the opportunity to access and understand the results. We have many, many options for you to gain insight and make connections with event planners, and this is no exception. With a great cross-section of planners surveyed, you’ll be able to access valuable data about the challenges they face, what they like and don’t like about their venue partners, their priorities, and how you can appeal to and help them with these roadblocks.

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Talk to a Professional

Data from other corners of the industry is vital to help you have a deeper understanding of how the group business ecosystem is functioning now. But you’ll also have the opportunity to hear from those industry leaders about their experiences, their advice, and how they make their decisions.

We’ve got sessions featuring many speakers with extensive hospitality experience, so you can hear what they have to say about what they think is coming next and how they think you can make an impact.

The Customer Is Always Right

Okay, so not all of these are strictly data-based, but we think our customer testimonials and case studies are still informative (and many of these awesome and talented speakers do come ready to go with the specific metrics they noticed when faced with a problem and solution). You’ll be able to hear from both the industry leaders at the top of the mountain and the property-by-property stories that build the group business industry from the ground up.

CONNECT the Dots

Data is a big part of Cvent CONNECT—just the way we like it. Industry data can tell us so much about traveler and event planner behavior, and even our own. When we study the data, we can predict what’s coming next and better prepare ourselves to take on the challenges ahead.

Whether data is a driving factor or not, there’s so much to learn—and so much entertainment—at Cvent CONNECT 2023 for hoteliers and event planners alike. And if you don’t think it’s a 10 out of 10, we’ll take your comments to heart when you fill out our post-event survey (see? We told you we love data).

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