February 02, 2021
By Cvent Guest

Looking for hotel room number ideas? You're not alone. Though often overlooked, hotel room numbers are one of the most memorable and important design elements of any property — a notion supported by Hollywood, historians, and even psychics. 

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the importance of hotel room numbers. Then, explore 28 ideas and examples — each of which links to a product — that will help you enhance your hotel design and create a memorable visual experience for guests. 

But first, a little background:

Hotel room numbers can invoke superstition, fear, and fascination. For example, many hotels skip the number 13 when it comes to floors and rooms numbers — even if the buildings have them — because it’s often associated with bad luck. 

In pop culture, hit movies and TV shows, like American Horror Story, use symbolism in their chosen hotel room numbers. Fans of celebrities, like Marilyn Monroe, who have famously stayed in a known room number, will sometimes request that same number even if they’re staying in a different hotel. Even popular religions and spiritual sciences, such as numerology, find great importance in the presentation of numbers.

In short: Numbers are really important to hotel guests for a variety of reasons, which is exactly why the presentation of hotel room numbers is so significant.

Explore 28 hotel room number ideas and examples:

Check out some of our favorite unsponsored hotel room number ideas you can use to make a great impression on your guests.

1. Try letter boards 

Permanently glue your room numbers and letters to felt letter boards for a hip, boho look. Choose between light woods, dark woods, and even acrylic frames. Pair them with an endless combination of felt and letter colors. 

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2. Have light-up numbers 

For moody hallways, light-up numbers provide a little extra light without ruining the ambiance. Look for backlit strips or individual glowing numbers. Keep in mind there will likely be additional electrical work required to install them. 

3. Use metal plaques

In hotel decor and feng shui, metals represent "precision, simplicity, and clarity" as well as "righteousness, integrity, and joy.” Using metal plaques for numbers is a great way to convey this branding for your space. Just make sure to choose a cool or warm tone metal that will go with your chosen wallpaper or paint color. 

4. Combine multiple materials

Choose between brass, aluminum, wood, acrylic, and metal. In this linked example, the artist created a work of art simply by using an organic shape for the metal piece on top of dark wood, invoking images of nature, innovation, and peace. 

5. Shine with brass

Brass is often attributed to opulence and certain time periods. This makes it especially beautiful in themed hotel spaces that take inspiration from the 1920s and mid-century modern aesthetics.

6. Add victorian framing

Decorative frames, fancy scrolls, and even simple lines can distinguish hotel room number designs from other signage. Choose this example if words like luxury or European are part of your brand. 

7. Try hand-punched numbers

This leveled-up DIY style brings a polished sense of personalization to any hotel room number. Combine different fonts to see what best fits your hotel’s character while still keeping a familiar vibe. 

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8. Bring back the 1920s

Go with Art Deco signs to bring some Great Gatsby style to your hotel room numbers. Combine a black base with gold lettering and stretched numbers to achieve the look. 

9. Use wood bases

Natural materials like wood are predicted to be a significant trend in the coming decade, according to design experts like The Sorry Girls. Use carved, stained, or even blonde, unfinished versions to give your hotel room numbers even more personality. 

10. Go vintage

Vintage metal signs can give guests a sense of being at home as opposed to being at a hotel. Besides having a ton of personality, this hotel room number idea evokes images of tradition, gathering together, and rustic decor. 

11. Try modern numbers

Smooth, clean lines and simple-yet-elegant fonts are the name of the game when it comes to modern hotel room numbers. Go with one solid color (brass or matte black are popular) and skip the backing plate. 

12. Exude French style

Vintage, classy, and very European, this hotel room number idea is all about bringing a touch of old school charm to your doorways. Combine your hotel’s name or initials stamped at the top with hollow numbers at the bottom. 

13. Add layers

Layer two or three different materials, colors, or backings to create visual interest. In this linked example, we see two circles — one wood and the other acrylic, with hollow numbers cut out of the top layer to add depth to the design. 

14. Try transparent plaques

Transparent plaques fit urban design schemes and work well in otherwise brightly-colored or highly-decorated halls. Sleek and modern, glass backings like the one in this example are both durable and stylish, putting the focus on wallpaper patterns or ornate wall details behind it over the sign itself. 

15. Glow from behind

Create a mood with hotel room numbers that cast a glow behind them. They’re easier to see at night and create interesting shadows that other types can’t.  

16. Consider color palettes

Swap black and white numbers for inspired color palettes that reflect your theme. In this example, the vanilla and rose gold combo is fitting for a hotel located in a dry climate such as a desert. 

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17. Use round shapes

According to design experts White River Design, round shapes “tend to send a positive emotional message of harmony and protection,” which is often ideal for hotels. Look for round fonts, plaques, and designs.

18. Choose matte black

A beautiful contrast to white or light-colored neutrals, matte black is both sophisticated and dramatic. Popularized by the rise of the modern farmhouse design style in recent years, more and more modern homes are adopting this style, which also looks great in hotels. 

19. Display short squares

Order sets of numbered squares and combine them in rows to form your desired room numbers. They look a little more customized than the usual rectangular version. 

20. Combine letters and numbers

Make your hotel signage very clear with letters that denote floor levels, cabana areas, or even property types for guests to understand at-a-glance. 

21. Add floral illustrations

Even if you don’t personalize each hotel room number, choosing a sign like this one adds charm and character. This example uses lavender bundles, but designs using stars, famous landmarks, or even geometric shapes look great as well. 

22. Look for customization

Custom-made hotel room numbers are unique and memorable. Work with an artist, such as those on Etsy, to come up with a color scheme, shape, and design that your guests will love. 

23. Use background images

Beach sunsets, baseball parks, and even historic buildings are great to use as backgrounds behind your room numbers. Make all your signs uniform or mix them up according to your own system. For example, rooms with a view of the local university can include that school’s mascot, whereas rooms that face the other side of the building overlooking the city’s rose gardens can use blooms. 

24. Display your room numbers vertically

Use any design but flip the script and align numbers vertically instead of horizontally. It’s interesting and unexpected. Plus, it will really complement unique door frame designs and/or tall ceilings. 

25. Choose mirrored finishes

They bounce light into hallways that are often lacking it. Plus, they function as a practical option for someone to use as a mirror if needed. 

26. Add a frame

A frame centers the gaze by making a bold visual effect and literally underlining the room numbers inside. It's a simple but effective way to clean up the look of your hallway while also making sure guests have no problem finding their room. 

27. Try medallion lettering

Medallion lettering looks engraved and elevated compared to some print-on hotel room numbers. For an even more elevated look, go with gold numbers in the middle and a deep navy or black on the outside.

28. Add room types

Write out labels such as suite or penthouse depending on what type of property your hotel is. Choose between labeling your more luxurious rooms or go with a uniform approach and label them all, from "standard" and "family" to "studio" and "cabana."

Use practical design — such as these hotel room number ideas — to boost the guest experience!

Even small details like room numbers can make an impact on your business. Keep in mind that no matter what, your hotel room number design must go well with the rest of your overall hotel branding.

Up next, up your hotel design even further with these hotel lighting ideas that are sure to enhance your property. 

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