November 24, 2021
By Cvent Guest

So you know what a hotel is and you know what a hostel is, but what is a poshtel, exactly? You may hear the term more and more in the coming years as the poshtel model gains popularity.

Keep reading to discover what a poshtel is, why they exist, and what caused their recent popularity. After, explore some real life examples of poshtels you can book.

What is a poshtel? 

A poshtel is a mix of posh style and hostel accommodations. In other words, if you stay at a poshtel, you can expect a cheap yet chic property. Poshtels are typically located in interesting buildings with unique design and plenty of perks and freebies. These properties also tend to offer great prices and impeccable service.

The biggest differences between poshtels and hostels include service, atmosphere, and amenities. Poshtels attempt to offer an elevated experience that creates luxury-level guest experiences. Features may include everything from modern aesthetics to high-tech facilities. Although this varies from property to property, there is one thing all poshtels have in common: The option for privacy. 

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Poshtels are known for their private rooms, which can also feature ensuite bathrooms. If you’ve ever stayed in a dorm room-style hostel with strangers, you know just how much value this can bring to your overall travel experience. 

However, even the shared rooms in poshtels have something to offer. While you may be sleeping in a bunk bed, upgraded features such as sturdy frames and light-blocking privacy curtains have raised the bar.

At the same time, poshtels make it a point to maintain that unique sense of connection with the city that they're located in. Many travelers who stay at hostels do so because they want their accommodations to reflect the aesthetics of their destination. To them, certain hotels and chains may lack character even though they may arguably be more comfortable. That’s where poshtels come in.

Are poshtels popular?

Poshtels are a response to a demand for a unique, affordable, and luxurious accommodation type. But they’re also a natural choice for locals who want to get out of the house after quarantine without traveling too far. 

For example, the rise of staycations has caused many people to plan on taking a break from their holiday to stay in the UK. According to Barclays' Staycation Report, over 50% of British adults want to spend more time in the country. And because poshtels are common in Europe, it makes sense why these two trends combine to make this hotel type very popular now. 

The communal area, affordability, and hostel atmosphere are some of the main factors that consumers look for when choosing a poshtel. However, what really draws them in is the overall experience, which is reflected in the design of the poshtel.

Key features of poshtels

  • Social. Poshtels attempt to maintain the social atmosphere of a hostel. That means when others are in common spaces, they're doing so knowing that there’s a good chance other people will want to interact with them. Unlike other lobbies where many keep to themselves, poshtels offer plenty of opportunities to meet friendly people who are just as willing to engage with you.
  • Private. Having a room all to yourself is one of the biggest perks a poshtel can offer. Not only do you get to come and go as you please, but you’ll also have peace of mind when leaving your belongings behind for the day and as you sleep.
  • Affordable. Even though they may cost more than hostels, poshtels tend to be less expensive than hotels and most AirBnBs on average. That means more room in your budget for experiences without sacrificing your comfort in between adventures.
  • Upscale. Designs are typically modern and stylish. Interiors may be decorated based on a theme or offer a reflection of the city that surrounds them. Quality finishes are a hallmark of a poshtel, so you can expect to see detailed touches throughout the property.
  • Perks. Free Wi-Fi, great views, and elegant onsite restaurants are common among poshtels. Some even have their own dance clubs and pools. They might even offer organic shower products. 
  • Climate control. Air-conditioning, temperature setting via phone apps, and wood-burning fireplaces can be found in poshtels depending on the location and brand. 
  • Transportation. Like hostels, poshtels are often located in convenient places near public transport. If not, they should offer parking or shuttle service to and from the airport.
  • Design. Poshtels step it up a notch when it comes to design. That includes layout and decor. Poshtel layouts tend to be more spacious when it comes to room size. They also tend to offer lounge space and high-quality furniture. For decor, poshtels tend to source locally. Or, at the very least, they’ll feature styles that the area is known for.

3 bookable examples of poshtels

1. Poshtel Oamaru | Oamaru, New Zealand

This poshtel is located in the heart of Oamaru, New Zealand. You can step outside the doors and walk directly to shops, gardens, the Opera House, and various other attractions in the area. Each room is its own unique character in a collection of intertwined stories that create a truly unique experience through decor. The Poshtel Oamaru keeps a focus on educational displays about the history of the region.

2. Lets Bunk | New Delhi, India

This poshtel example features a restaurant, a bar, and a shared lounge. All guest rooms at Lets Bunk are spacious enough to have their own seating area for lounging. They also feature private bathrooms and are equipped with high-quality bed linens. Major tourist attractions such as the Lodhi Gardens and the Ghandi Mall are relatively close, making it easy for car-less travelers to get there. 

3. 33 Poshtel | Chiang Mai, Thailand

The elegant atmosphere and impeccable service that 33 Poshtel has to offer are reflected in every guest room. At this postel example, guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi in all guest rooms and a variety of other features including "flat screen television, additional bathroom, additional toilet, clothes rack, complimentary instant coffee," and so on. This property is a 2-minute walk from the city center and is close to various attractions in Chiang Mai. Like any true poshtel, it’s a great balance between convenience, elegance and affordability. 

Now you know what a poshtel is! 

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