August 20, 2019
By Anderson Conte
We are incredibly excited about the launch of our new blog. We’ve spent months of research and work determinedly to create valuable content in a place that’s attractive and easy to navigate. This new Cvent blog will serve as a resource to the entire meetings and events ecosystem, where both event and hospitality professionals will find valuable tips, best practices, and insightful data to help them stay ahead of trends in our industry. From the content strategy to design, we’ve revamped it all! Here are some of the new features you can look forward to:
  • Minute Read: Each post will note how long it will take to read, allowing visitors to always fit great content into their busy schedule.
  • Categories: We researched the topics event and hospitality professionals value most and crafted our posts to match.
  • Layout: Our new streamlined layout allows visitors to better navigate the site and locate content – plus it just looks awesome!
  • Centralized: We’ve taken the SEO best practices and top performing content the 5 disparate former blogs and are driving the combined traffic to one centralized industry blog.
  • Updated Technology: We’ve moved to WordPress! Meaning more advanced functionality and an easier user experience.
On top of the features, we have new research-driven topics, including:
  • Event Experience: From event registration to check-in, you’ll learn best practices, innovative ideas, and tactical tips on simplifying and elevating the event experience for both attendees and planners.
  • Event Marketing: Discover marketing how-to’s, tips, tricks, and tools to increase and track attendance and surpass ROI goals.
  • Feedback & Reporting: Whether it’s attendee feedback or session attendance, you’ll discover valuable ways to gather feedback, tips on how to utilize it, and strategies for elevating the overall attendee experience through metrics and data.
  • Finances & Budget: Get the scoop on expert budget creations and management, negotiation and sponsorship best practices, travel and procurement, and strategies for building an event on any budget.
  • Mobile Apps & Event Tech: Explore best practices for integrating event technology and how it plays a critical role in its strategy, execution, and proving ROI.
  • Venue Sourcing: Learn about top destinations, negotiation and RFP tips and tricks, and industry tools for selecting the perfect venue.
We’ve also added a category to cover the cross-over between event and hospitality professionals. These categories include:
  • Social Media: Use how-to’s, proven tactics, and industry trends for incorporating social media into event and hospitality strategies.
  • Influencers: Learn about leaders who are transforming and disrupting the industry by taking their meetings and venues to the next level.
  • Trends: Dive into insights, hot topics, and news to help elevate the industry as a whole.
  • Cvent CONNECT: Receive an inside look into Cvent CONNECT as well best practices for technology adoption, customer success, attendee engagement, and sales and marketing.
We’ll be sharing more details about the launch of the new Cvent Blog  – so stay tuned!
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Dummies Ebook Bundle
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