July 21, 2021
By Cvent Success Team

Are you planning on hosting an upcoming hybrid event and not sure where to start when it comes to your event setup? Look no further! Cvent recently released new hybrid event features to help you set up and manage your hybrid events with ease, all within one, single event in the Cvent platform. As we’ve emphasized in previous blog posts, like Hybrid Events in 2021: What You Need to Know, hybrid events will be an essential part of the new normal in the events industry moving forward. Hybrid events can provide immense value to organizations by reaching greater attendee numbers, generating more leads, providing increased sponsorship value, and much more.

The first thing you need to do when setting up your hybrid event in Cvent, is to set-up the event details, such as your registration types, admission items, and sessions. When setting up your event initially, you have the option to select your event format and you will see that there is now an option for “Hybrid (people can attend in person or virtually.)”

Event Format


Once you designate your event format as hybrid, you can then set your event capacity if applicable. With the latest release, there are now two capacity fields available on the event-level that can be set: one for your in-person attendees and one of your virtual attendees.

Registration Settings

Next, you can determine which registration types in your event should be deemed virtual registration types. Any attendees who register for the registration types that are checked off under the new “Virtual” column will count towards your event’s virtual capacity and any attendees who register for the non-virtual (in-person) registration types will count towards your event’s in-person capacity.


Once you have set up these capacities on the event level, you also can also set virtual and in-person capacities on the admission item and the session levels. Again, those who register for any of the virtual registration types will count towards the virtual capacities that have been set and anyone who registers for the non-virtual (in-person) registration types will count towards the in-person capacities on these admission item and session levels as well. For example, this is super helpful for a hybrid event where you have a limit on the number of in-person attendees that can attend the overall event or even certain sessions due capacity restrictions at your venue, but you still want to leave the capacity unlimited for virtual attendees. Instead of having to duplicate admission items or sessions to accommodate for both of your audiences and their various capacities, you can now set an in-person and virtual capacity within just one admission item or session, cutting down on manual work on the backend. Overall, now you can streamline and simplify the process of managing both your in-person and virtual audiences all within one event, set and enforce capacities on the event, admission item, and session levels, and utilize Cvent’s robust reporting tool to report on data for both audiences.

Are you ready to get started creating your next hybrid event? Creating a Hybrid Registration Event in the New Experience walks you through how to set up these hybrid events features step-by-step within your own events. Are you also interested in learning more about how other customers are planning and executing their hybrid events? Check out hybrid event case studies from Cvent customers here (apply the hybrid events filter!) Additionally, we have a plethora of other hybrid event resources to help you get educated and hit the ground running planning and managing your hybrid events. Lastly, if you haven’t yet, definitely make sure to register for Cvent CONNECT 2021, Cvent’s very own hybrid event happening August 1—4, 2021! You will be able to see a premier hybrid event in action, hear from industry leaders, learn best practices, network with other Cvent users and industry contacts, and much more. Trust me – it will be a truly unforgettable experience!


Julia Plymack, Cvent

This post was written by Julia Plymack, a Lead Client Success Advisor at Cvent. Julia enjoys traveling, the outdoors, true crime podcasts, and binge-watching reality TV shows.  

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