October 22, 2019
By Cvent Success Team

As sustainability becomes more of a priority, make it a priority at your events! We have compiled some recommendations to keep this top of mind when you are planning your next event.

The Venue

Starting with sourcing, use Cvent’s Supplier Network to find venues that not only fit your event needs but also mention they are environmentally friendly. Starting off with a venue that is environmentally friendly can make a huge impact.


Next, let’s focus on your registration process. Using event management software allows you to reduce paper waste by collecting data and sending out the necessary communications online. Asking important details during registration, such as meal preferences and dietary restrictions, will help you reduce food waste onsite.

Mobile Event App

Leading up to the start of your event, one of the biggest suggestions we have is to utilize the CrowdCompass mobile app. Utilizing a mobile app onsite will significantly, if not entirely, remove your paper materials such as agendas, maps, session materials, and more. It is also a fantastic way to keep your attendees engaged and excited about the content!

On-Demand Badge Printing

When onsite checking in your attendees and kicking off the event, utilize on-demand badge printing through the OnArrival app. This allows you to make updates to the badge in real-time before printing, which in turn will reduce badge reprint and badge stock wasted. Additionally, you can consider using recyclable badge stock during onsite printing.

Sustainable Swag

During the event, give out fun swag that promotes sustainability! This can include reusable drinkware, reusable straws, or tote bags or backpacks for future use. You can also limit the amount of one-time use cups at water stations and utensils at meals to promote the use of these reusable swag gifts.

Lead Capture

If you have exhibitors or a tradeshow at your event, explore Cvent’s LeadCapture solution. This will eliminate the need for paper business cards and allow all of the contact information and necessary data to be stored digitally.

Online Surveys

After your event, utilize one of the many sources of surveying through Cvent to collect your feedback online. In addition to reducing paper waste, it is a great plus for you as the planner to keep the data in one central location and receive feedback efficiently.


We hope you found these tips helpful and can start incorporating sustainable practices for your upcoming meetings and events. If you have advice that you would like to share with our event planners around the world, be sure to post in the Cvent Community Open Forum!


This post was written by Danni Czark, Sr. Client Success Advisor, and Michelle Williams, Sr. Onboarding Specialist at Cvent. Danni is a James Madison University alum originally from New Jersey. She enjoys spending time with her rescue dog, going to concerts, and any kind of pizza. Michelle is a Cvent expert and a George Mason Alum that has a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling.

Danni Czark


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