November 18, 2020
By Cvent Success Team

With Thanksgiving around the corner, we’re excited to share some of our favorite features to be thankful for this year!

  1. Virtual Attendee Hub: Our newest product release is the Virtual Attendee Hub, which can be used for your virtual events. You can livestream sessions, upload pre-recorded sessions, and host collaborative meetings. Your exhibitors can have a virtual booth experience and still market their products/services like they do at an onsite exhibit hall. Attendees are able to book appointments and ask questions during sessions using the Live Q&A feature. 
  2. Test Scenarios: Using test scenarios before launching your event helps ensure that your registrants are seeing the correct contact fields, questions, sessions, and pricing during registration. It's a Cvent best practice to test your event thoroughly prior to launch, even when it seems like you're running out of time. There is always time to test!
  3. Virtual Event Settings: Newly released this year, you can now add your virtual meeting or webinar information to your Cvent event. You can easily add webinar links at the event level or session level and use data tags to display the links in a follow up email to your registrants. This saves you time and makes it easier for your attendees to access the webinar information.
  4. Data Tags: Data tags help save you time by customizing any email with personalized contact information, event information, and much more. They act as a placeholder within an email or on a Cvent website page and pull from the data stored in from your event or address book.
  5. Video Widget: If you want to take your event website up a notch, consider using the Video Widget for your Flex event. You can add footage from past events, a company video, or a sneak peak of your upcoming event.
  6. Speaker Resource Center: If you have a hard time keeping track of your speakers before your event, you will want to utilize the Speaker Resource Center. You are able to assign tasks to your speakers, like uploading their headshot, sending their bio, or submitting presentation content.  You can also send them automated emails and pull reports to make sure everyone is ready for the big day.
  7. Language Management: Within Language Management, you are able to customize most of Cvent’s default text such as warning messages, buttons, and fields with personalized text to fit your business or branding needs.
  8. Abandoned Registrations: If you want to make sure you don’t miss any possible registrations, look at the Abandoned Registration Report. This report will show you any invitees that may have started registration but did not complete it. You can also see what page the invitees stopped on. If you’d like to be proactive with these invitees, customize an automatic email to remind them to complete their registration. It's like reminding them they forgot something in their shopping cart.
  9. Access Portals: If you have a report from Cvent that you have to download and send out to your team frequently, you will definitely want to consider using an Access Portal. This allows stakeholders to access real-time reports whenever they need them. You can customize which reports are visible by a group of users or by each individual. This way they are only seeing the data that makes sense for them.
  10. Planner Alerts: These alerts help you keep a watchful eye on your events. You can set them up to alert you of a number of actions such as a registration being accepted, modified, or canceled. You can also be alerted of capacity limits and when certain questions are answered.

If you haven’t already started utilizing some of these features, make sure to take a look to see if these could help you save time and create a more successful event.  You will be thankful you did!



This post was written by Michelle Williams, Lead Onboarding Specialist at Cvent. Michelle is a Cvent expert and a George Mason Alum that has a passion for indoor cycling, conservation biology, and traveling. She also leads the @CventSuccess Twitter handle, helping to add helpful content for all of our followers to enjoy!

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