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What is CventAI Writing Assistant?

CventAI is a free artificial intelligence-based solution designed to enhance event planning and management. It is included with Cvent solutions and designed to help you more rapidly build and refine your content throughout the platform.  

AI Writing solutions can be found in these locations, but there may be more added in the future: 

•  Event

  • Event Description 
  • Event Session 
  • Emails 

  • Site Designer 

•  Attendee Hub 

  • Custom Pages 

•  Videos

  • Video Description 

•  CSN Planner 

  • Create Message 
  • Decline Supplier Comments 
  • Create RFP – Additional Comments 

How can I have this turned on in my account?

CventAI will be turned on by default for all accounts. If you would prefer not to have this enabled, please have your system admin open a case with our Support team to have this turned off in your account. Requests will be completed within 24 hours. 

Will we be able to set permissions for individuals who are able to access the AI Writing Assistant?

No. There is not a separate user permission for this feature. All users will have access when this is enabled in your account.

What information do I need to provide to generate accurate responses?

For the best results, start writing with some key information and then launch the writing assistant to update your text with a more polished version. This key information could include event title, event size, audience information, speaker abstracts, etc.  You can choose to adjust length and tone as well. 

What kind of questions should I be asking?

Our Writing Assistant is not currently designed to answer questions using a Chat-like format. It is instead designed to rewrite text in different tones and optionally to make it more concise or verbose. We recommend that all rewrite suggestions should be reviewed by the planner before publishing. 

What is an example of an input & output?

Original Event Description: 

Emerging Tech Summit welcomes industry-leading minds to the stage to share insights and perspectives into technological innovations that will shape the future of the FinTech industry. Join us in Charlotte for the highly anticipated annual gathering of leaders in marketing, technology, digital strategy, data science, and finance. Together we aim to break the old cycle by stimulating innovative ideas, collaborating with our peers, and establishing new connections to lead us into the future. 

Re-written Event Description in Enthusiastic tone: 

Get ready to be blown away by the Emerging Tech Summit! We are thrilled to welcome the brightest minds in the industry to share their insights and perspectives on the technological innovations that will shape the future of the FinTech industry. You won't want to miss the highly anticipated annual gathering of leaders in marketing, technology, digital strategy, data science, and finance in Charlotte. Together, we will break the old cycle and stimulate innovative ideas, collaborate with our peers, and establish new connections to lead us into the future! 

How are the responses generated?

CventAI is powered by Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service.  

What languages are supported?

CventAI supports a large number of languages. However, the list of supported languages and effectiveness of the rewrite suggestions across various languages is evolving over time as the underlying model is improved. We suggest you try the tool to see if the quality meets your needs. 

What should I be aware of?

Cvent believes in responsible use of Artificial Intelligence.  We follow the Microsoft Responsible AI practices, AI Code of Conduct, and expect that our Customers will also consistent with the terms of use for CventAI.  Some cautions: 

  • Always check the output to ensure that it meets your requirements for tone, professionalism, and ethics 

  • Always check the output for accuracy  

What are the reporting capabilities?

There is no reporting available. 

Will data that we provide or answers we received be shared?

Yes, the questions are provided from Cvent to Microsoft through an Azure OpenAI integration, which returns the response.   

Who will store the questions we ask or the answers that we receive?

Cvent will retain logs of questions our users ask and the answers they receive for a period of thirty days for quality assurance purposes only.  The logs will be automatically deleted after 30 days.  

Microsoft does not store the questions or answers.  We have opted our integration out of Microsoft’s independent review process where Microsoft could log and review questions and answers for compliance with their acceptable use policies.   

Will my questions be used to improve the AI model by Microsoft?

No.  Microsoft will not use the questions or answers from Writing Assistant to improve or train its models, and Microsoft will not be sharing this information with any additional sub-processors. 

How do we minimize harmful content and misuse of personal information?

Microsoft’s service includes a content management system that works alongside the models to filter potentially harmful content, and Cvent’s terms of use also prohibit the entry of sensitive personal information (or what the GDPR refers to as “special category” data).  Cvent has also opted out of Microsoft storing or logging prompts and completions, in order to minimize potential unauthorized access to customer data.  We recommend that our users minimize the entry of personal information to the extent practicable. 

Who owns the text generated by the AI?

Cvent and Microsoft do not claim ownership of text generated by CventAI based on customer input.  

Where are the servers used by CventAI?

Cvent and Microsoft have servers in the United States and Europe that will be used for this feature.  The Cvent U.S. data center will use a Microsoft Azure OpenAI U.S. data center, and the Cvent Europe data center will use the Azure western Europe Azure OpenAI server.  Your input will not leave the region designated for your Cvent usage.