Automatically transfer information to Eloqua

By linking this event data with Eloqua, your team’s event organizers and marketers can build more complete profiles of contacts. This deeper understanding of prospects and customers will allow you to create more effective campaigns that increase conversions, accelerate the sales cycle, and build customer relationships.

Contact Information

When a contact is created or updated.

Event Registration

When a contact is added to an invitation list, registers for an event, modifies a registration, or cancels a registration.

Event Activity

When a registrant attends an event.

Email Statuses

When a contact receives, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, or opts-out of emails.

Cvent's integration with Eloqua enhances your events program.

Dynamic Registration Paths

Create tailored registration options for different contact types, such as members, non-members, VIPs, sponsors, and speakers.

Effective Event Marketing

With richer contact data, you can personalize and customize your event marketing messages to engage contacts, increase responses, and drive event attendance.

Targeted Event Content

Leverage past event data and contact information to deliver content that’s relevant, engaging, and important to your attendees.

Relevant Event Follow-Up

Easily send targeted post-event communications and quickly get leads to your sales team for follow-up.