With Cvent's Salesforce integration, event invitee and registrant data can be set up to transfer seamlessly. And customization options allow you to align the integration to your business processes.

  • Easily set the integration options using a simple configuration interface
  • Transfer data seamlessly, without the need to export or import files
  • Map data fields between Cvent and Salesforce to match information between applications
  • Define which fields uniquely identify salesforce.com contacts, leads, and accounts
  • Activate, deactivate, or modify integration settings for each unique event
Cvent and Salesforce

Cvent to Salesforce

  • Transfer leads and contacts from Cvent into Salesforce
  • Prevent duplicates by syncing Cvent contacts with existing Salesforce leads and contacts
  • Automatically create tasks based on "integration points," such as when a person receives an invitation or registers to attend an event
  • Tasks can be set as opened or closed, and can be assigned based on salesforce.com lead assignment rules
  • Automatically add or update Cvent invitees as Salesforce campaign members. Member status is driven by invitee actions taken in Cvent

Integration points and triggers

  • Invitation is sent
  • Invitation is opened
  • Invitation email bounces
  • Invitee registers
  • Invitee declines
  • Invitee attends the event

Salesforce to Cvent

Salesforce and Cvent
  • Retrieve current Salesforce lead or contact data to pre-populate Cvent survey forms
  • From Cvent, do an advanced search into Salesforce (contacts, leads, or campaigns) and seamlessly pull results into a Cvent contact group
  • Choose to append or replace existing Cvent contact groups when updating from Salesforce

Learn more about Cvent integrations

From your CRM system, to your expense tracking software, to your marketing automation tools, Cvent’s full suite of out-of-the-box options allow you to quickly and easily integrate our event management platform with your tech stack. 

Need a custom integration?

Cvent can connect to virtually any web-based program using our API and Webhooks options. You can create a custom integration using your development experts or ours.

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