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No matter what you buy from Cvent, all products and packages include 24/7 customer support from our 1,500+ customer care team. Our customers also become part of a community of 190,000+ active users.


Best for 1-5 events or an event type, such as a roadshow or trade show program.

• Event Registration

• Check-in & Badging

• Mobile Event App

• And more

Pricing is determined by specific products needed and volume of registration.


Best for end-to-end management of an event type, large event, or a high volume of events.

• In-person events

• Virtual events

• Hybrid events

Pricing is determined by registration volume and advanced features activated based on your specific requirements.

Total Program

Best for strategic management of your total event program, in any format, and for any event type.

• Internal & external events

• Hosted events & trade show programs

• Multi event workflow & budget solutions

Pricing will be a custom annual package based on your program needs and goals.

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