Email Marketing for Events

  • Decrease event costs by saving on postage and printing.
  • Customize event email marketing and templates to match your organization's branding.
  • Schedule dates and times to send automated invitations, reminders, confirmations, and more.
  • Secure a greater response rate by sending reminder emails to undecided invitees.
  • Personalize communication with over 40 mail-merge fields.
  • Pre-populate contact data in the registration form by placing "smart" links in your email campaigns.
  • Track email open rates and undeliverable rates.
  • Test events marketing message effectiveness by sending different emails to targeted groups.
  • Craft rich and engaging emails with our easy-to-use HTML editor, or send plain text emails.
  • Ensure delivery of readable emails by sending in multi-part MIME.
  • Encourage invitees to forward the invitation along to colleagues via our "Tell-a-Friend" option.
  • Comply with the CAN-SPAM Act by providing a one-click opt-out option. 
  • Score your email deliverability and potential risk of being caught in spam filters.
  • Email registrants directly from any report.
  • Place a link to related sites, such as a sponsor's page in your invites and follow-up emails.

At the core of any strong event marketing strategy is event email marketing. Its cost effectiveness and ability to hit the right people at the right time is unrivaled by any other marketing avenue when it comes to events. Let Cvent do it for you, and do it right. With our event marketing features you will undoubtedly take your event(s) to the next level and give your organization increased credibility and a heightened appearance of online professionalism.