Simplify event content management

Speaker Resource Center automates the most tedious, monotonous tasks surrounding event content management to help you better report on speaker task completion and manage complex session schedules with many speaker logistical tasks. By using automation, you can remove the potential for inconsistencies and human error.

Speaker Resource Center tasklist

Manage speaker tasks

Effectively automate speaker task assignment and collect session content. You can create all the necessary tasks for your event, with the flexibility to assign them to all speakers or individual ones. With speaker task and session reports, you will always have a clear view of task progress. 

Speaker Resource Center Upload

Send and receive key notifications

Provide your speakers with a direct access link to the Speaker Resource Center and send branded e-mails reminders for specific tasks. Notifications are a valuable way to help you stay on schedule and maintain visibility over your event, and you will receive alerts of speaker updates to a session or to their profile.  

Speaker Resource Center email

Coordinate speaker activities

Help speakers stay organized and get prepared by allowing them to view all tasks and deadlines related to their sessions. By keeping your event details all in one place – not spread across multiple e-mails or complex spreadsheets – you will help increase speaker engagement.

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Planner ability to approve/deny any speaker edits to session or profile record


Planner alerts notifying of speaker edits to the session or profile record

Task types

Save speaker-uploaded files directly to speaker and session records

Custom questions

Add questions for speakers to answer, then display responses in Speaker record