Create customized event forms that consolidate your event information

Custom fields

Visibility logic

Conditional logic

Form design tools

Email alerts

Master event calendar

Gather event information in a central location

Easily capture and store information from people requesting events at your organization.

  • Collect key meeting details such as point of contact, location, vendor info, and budget
  • Automatically populate form details into an event or RFP
  • Add event information to a master calendar

Customize your request form to fit your needs

Personalize your event request form to match your organization’s branding and internal processes.

  • Use the Decision Tree feature to automatically direct requesters to the right Meeting Request Form to custom fit their needs
  • Design your branded form with drag and drop text, images, and questions
  • Use up to five levels of sub-logic to gather additional information
  • Add conditional and visibility logic to capture the right information based on permissions, role, and other criteria

Run detailed reports for you and your stakeholders

Run reports on all request submissions to get an overview of event activity at your organization.

  • See the total number of requests and who's submitting them
  • Store all your reporting data in one system
  • Run segmented reports based on advanced filters

How Event Travel Management (ETM) simplified meetings management

ETM reimagined their Meeting Request Form (MRF) to improve their meetings management program. “When we changed the MRF and built in more logic, it closed those holes, even just having one form for everything. It was a huge help for us and set us up for success moving forward,” says Julie Huber, Sourcing Manager.

  • $46.75 million in verified savings
  • 66% reduction in planning statuses
  • 5% sunk costs only due to savings through the meetings management program

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