Transparent and reliable event management for government institutions

Government planners use Cvent to schedule events of all kinds, from small daily meetings to multi-day conferences with thousands of invitees. Plan, budget, source and manage your events with greater ease, then report on the back end with tools to help you measure accurately and effectively

Customise event branding

Exercise full control over branding on your custom event website and your event email marketing messages.

Ensure compliance

Ensure compliance for all event data security standards.

Budget management

Handle event budget management by using Cvent's budget module. Track negotiated, expected and actual costs.

Engage attendees

Enable your attendees to engage more with each other, with you and the content through mobile event apps.

Enhance attendee experience

Aggregate attendees' event related social content and display it live at the event.

Transfer data seamlessly

Streamline communication between Cvent and your back-end database with our Application Programming Interface (API).

Check in attendees onsite

Check attendees into events and sessions as quickly as possible and say goodbye to long lines.

Create event reports

Gain insights into event statistics using Cvent's advanced event reporting.

Collect post-event feedback

Analyze attendee feedback to determine the success of your current event and improve future events.