Logo Color

  • Blue on black

    The standard. Use this version whenever possible. Cvent's blue is Pantone 299C.

  • Solid white

    Use the solid white version against a dark photo or background when there is insufficient contrast between the blue "C" and the background.

  • Solid black

    Used only in black and white printing. Not approved for web.

Minimum Clear Space

It is important to keep Cvent logo clear of any other graphic elements. To regulate this, an exclusion zone has been established around the Cvent logo. This zone indicates the closest any other graphic element or message can be positioned in relation to the logo.

The letter height of the V in the Cvent logo is often used as a unit of measure. It is used to size and space graphic elements proportionally to the logo. Remember: the important measurement is the height – not the width – of the V.

Horizontal Logo Combination

To distinguish between the Cvent logo and nearby partner logos, product names, and company departments separate the logos using a divider rule and appropriate clear space. This rule may only be used in a horizontal or layout.

Stacked Logo Combination

Main Cvent core product logos also follow the logo combination rule. Alternative stacked versions are also available, but should be considered only as a secondary option when the wider side-by-side version does not fit the particular layout. When placing a third party logo, try to align the X heights. If logo is too large, try to visually align it, but never make third party logo bigger.

Use half of the V to measure the distance between the logo and product

The height of the V is the same height as a capital letter of the product