10 Ways to Win More Group Business

As planners move from traditional methods of communication with venues to online sourcing channels, venues face the significant challenge of adapting to the new landscape. How can a venue communicate the true value of their property through a response to an online RFP? How can a venue separate themselves from the crowd of other responses? Though these challenges may seem daunting to venues used to phone, fax, and email, there are techniques for winning more group business from the increasing number of planners sourcing meeting space and room nights online. This whitepaper covers ten of the most effective methods.

You'll Learn:

  • 10 proven techniques for winning more group business through online channels
  • How to increase visibility on eRFP networks
  • Advice for crafting RFP responses that leave planners with a positive impression of your venue
  • To use your proposal introduction to make your venue stand out from the pack
  • How analyzing your RFP response efforts over time can help improve your win ratio
  • Tips for using online tools to increase efficiency, allowing you to respond to more RFPs