In today’s more dynamic and dispersed workplace environment, internal meetings are critical to driving employee engagement and productivity.

More than four years removed from the depths of the pandemic, Cvent sought to better understand how business leaders are thinking about return-to-office (RTO) policies and internal meetings.

This research, compiled in partnership with The Harris Poll,  explores how C-Suite-level decision-makers view in-person meetings alongside other top workplace concerns such as flexible working arrangements, meeting practices, company culture, employee engagement, and productivity.

Key Findings:

  • The majority of business leaders report in-person or face-to-face meetings are essential.
  • More than four in five business leaders are increasingly trying to bring employees together face-to-face for impactful internal meetings.
  • Half of business leaders find it difficult to measure the efficacy of their internal meetings.
  • More than 9 in 10 business leaders say impactful internal meetings drive employee culture, engagement, and productivity.
  • The majority – 86% – of business leaders report that their company is rethinking the event management technologies it needs to be successful.