Chapter 1: Should You Go Hybrid?

Virtual events have their place and are still important. But now, we’re seeing a distinct shift toward hybrid events, especially for large marquee events. This includes Cvent CONNECT.


Chapter 2: Hybrid Event Design

Every event has a purpose. When designing your event, it’s essential to keep your event goals top of mind. Let's walk through our goals for Cvent CONNECT and show you how they factored into planning our event.


Chapter 3: Hybrid Event Staffing

Staffing is more than just filling positions. Since the staff can make or break an event, it’s essential to think strategically. Take time to consider how staffing adds value to your hybrid event and how you can maximize the value-add of your staffing efforts, both on-site and virtually.


Chapter 4: Working with the Venue, AV Company, and Sponsors

The added complexities of hybrid production coupled with current health and safety concerns require extended capabilities from event spaces. Consider both AV support and physical space requirements when choosing and working with your venue.


Chapter 5: Hybrid Event Technology

Your goals are what matter most; technology is a tool to help you achieve them. Keep your conference and program goals in mind when making technology decisions.

Cvent Chapter 6 Post-Event Activation

Chapter 6: Post Event Activation

When it comes to collecting event data, contact information is just the start.  It’s essential to understand the different types of data you can collect and why they’re helpful. We suggest categorizing your data collection into three stages: pre-event, during the event, and post-event.

Chapter 7 Regional Events

Chapter 7: Regional Events

A regional event can serve as a continuation of an already successful flagship event. By adding more locations to a once single-city event, organizers can extend their reach into other markets by offering a localized version of the content that made the flagship successful.

Chapter 8 Lessons learned

Chapter 8: Lessons Learned

As we reflect on Cvent CONNECT 2021 and begin planning for 2022, we want to share our biggest takeaways so you can apply them to your next event.