Optimize Your Event Budget: A Spotlight on the Pharmaceutical And Life Sciences Industries

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As budgets tighten and resources are constrained, pharmaceutical and life sciences companies must do more with less. That said, business must go on, and meetings and events remain crucial to influence tomorrow’s innovations and business opportunities. Relative to other industries, pharma organizations lead the pack in the volume of events they host — both in-person and virtually. Between the importance of events in achieving top business goals and the economic pressures they face; pharmaceutical companies are hyper focused on being as cost-effective in their meeting planning and management as possible.

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Cvent commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate how meeting strategy and event execution has evolved over the past few years and where it is heading. Forrester conducted a global online survey with 509 respondents, including 101 meeting and event decision-makers in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We found that events are invaluable to helping these companies achieve their goals, and that they are focused on fine-tuning the tools they use to measure and optimize event impact.

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  • Meetings & events remain crucial to product innovation and engaging with healthcare professionals (HCPs).
  • Improving event data access, use, and insights to corral costs and increase efficiencies.
  • Balancing events held in-person, virtually, or a mix of the two, to improve reach, optimize costs, and maximize event value.