On the Journey to Recovery: Using Data to Rebuild Your Business

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With so much competition, changed buyer needs, reduced workforces, and smaller budgets, rebuilding your business can be a bumpy road. Data can pave the way for a smoother ride.

The question is: How can you use data to navigate these challenges?

Our ebook, “The 2021 Guide to Using Data to Power Group and Transient Recovery,” shows you how. We uncover the ways in which data and business intelligence can help you make well-informed, timely decisions and keep your finger on the pulse of our rapidly changing meetings and events industry.

From case studies to written and video interviews with business intelligence experts, revenue managers, and sales and marketing leaders, you’ll get insights on how data can drive your business recovery.

Here are the top three things you’ll learn in our ebook:

  1. How to find buyers through SEO and understand changing buyer behavior
  2. How to win new and returning customers
  3. How to act on the data and reevaluate new investment opportunities

The moment is now to harness data to power your business’s recovery. Meet this moment with Cvent.