In-Person and Online: Prepare for a Future of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events have long been a tool planners could use to expand event attendance. Too often, however, the idea was much better than the actual reality. Today, the future of events is hybrid: in-person and virtual tech for planners to use to expand attendance and improve engagement.

As a result, hybrid events may be the most effective way to restart Group business – and is a viable option in a new era of cautious travel and selective attendance requirements. Join us as we outline effective ways you can prepare to meet the emerging hybrid event requirement.

Cvent CONNECT Virtual

Audience: Hospitality Professional
Track: Hospitality & Travel Trends
Product: Cvent Supplier Network, Social Tables


Kevin Carr Cvent

Kevin Carr
Vice President, Sales, Hospitality Cloud

Francesca Vereb Cvent

Francesca Vereb
Vice President, Marketing, Hospitality Cloud

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