The Cvent Source: Group Business Insights, August 2020 Snapshot

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Expert commentary on updated trends in the group business industry

Are you curious as to what the latest volume trends are? How specific markets have been impacted, and who is leading the pack for Summer 2020 arrival dates? Our latest Cvent Source Snapshot Report will recap the latest group business insights since our last update in July.

Based on our monthly webinar series, The Cvent Source: Group Business Insights, we are now providing you with another way to digest the data you need as you prepare for your venue’s recovery.

Distilled from proprietary data from the Cvent Supplier Network (CSN), overall meetings and events trends, and observations from proven third-party experts in the hospitality space, The Cvent Source snapshot offers you the insights you need right now in the group business landscape.

In this download, you’ll uncover insights and expert commentary on:

  • The most up-to-date volume trends overall
  • Demand in specific markets 
  • What trends we’re seeing with business transient
  • ...and more!